Episode 64 – That’s Right, This Bitch is Up!

Ok, LOAers, buckle up for another solo episode with all the fun, flare, and foundational concepts that anyone seeking a badassery lifestyle needs in their routine!  But first, there will be plenty of banter about more highly skilled LOA supporters, Anthony and Theresa, who saved the LOA day and helped ensure our studio looks legit…

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Episode 61 – Show Us the Money Mike

Financial coach

LOAers – welcome back to another Uncorked episode with an incredible guest that we are excited to share.  Mike’s passion is to guide people financially to freedom!    Our intent is always to highlight people who are authentically living their soul’s purpose and their stories provide insight, learning, and inspiration to consider/learn from as you are co-creating…

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Episode 59 – Lisa Tahir – Beautiful, Talented Soul & Author of The Chiron Effect: Healing Our Core Wounds through Astrology, Empathy, and Self-Forgiveness

As always, thanks for listening and we look forward to sharing more LOA badassery conversations with you!  Please consider leaving a review and subscribing or dropping us a note to say hi and share your thoughts.  In this powerful episode of LOA Uncorked, we enjoy a brilliant conversation with Lisa Tahir, Psychoastrology®, author, healer, and beautiful…

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Episode 49 – Cultivate Your Crew

Holli& Jeanna

In this solo episode, Holli goes a little nutty for old flame (but only in her head) Marcus Buckingham, author and expert in personal strengths so much so that she almost derails the whole podcast.    Thankfully Jeanna corrals her back on track to discuss how to cultivate your crew of friendships!  This episode will help…

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Episode 47 – Twin Flame Romance – It’s getting ? in here with Twin Flame Expert Michelle Fondin

Twin Flame

On this episode of LOA Uncorked, we welcome a recent manifestation of Holli’s to the podcast.  That’s right, Holli’s manifestation skills have evolved.  Long gone are the days of potholders and socks.  These days, she manifests smart, delightful experts to join our conversations and share their wisdom with us…and YOU!    Our guest is Michelle Fondin, she…

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Episode #27 – Nodes being Caressed, Zombies, and Truffles – Listener Readings Unveiled


Join Holli and Jeanna as they give three lucky listeners on the spot astrological readings but before that, they can’t contain themselves with Holli’s Nashville trip and a toilet:  Jeanna almost gets Holli arrested at the airport from the bomb squad  Holli lies for Jeanna  Jeanna feeds her daughter protein powder that is an ingredient to make a bomb  Holli falls in love with a…

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