Episode 34 – The Unhinged Honey Badger

In this episode, Holli and Jeanna share fun, some nonsense and scary dating premonitions (hint: hide if you are a zookeeper, especially an Irwin) all while honoring Ireland and LOA Uncorked’s exciting (albeit questionable, at best) international…

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Episode 33 – SLVR Lining to Kick Off 2021 in Style

Holli and Jeanna begin the episode with a welcome to 2021, an ode to the dumpster fire that was 2020 and Holli’s new love strategy*.   Just when you think their banter will never end, they…

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Goodbye 2020

Episode 32 – Kiss our Collective A$$ 2020 – Bring on 2021

Join Holli and Jeanna for a just in time, Solstice inspired, 2021 readiness episode.  We talk about The Great Conjunction and the Christmas Star event on 12/21 – how did/do you leverage this incredible, energetic…

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Episode 31 – Is it an unja or a knee? A podversary question for thee…

This episode is full of questions!  What the hell is an unja anyway?  Where is a canine knee in relation to whatever the unja is? Is podversary a thing?  Why do the LOA gals travel with a effing amazing dancer and a girlfriend…

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Episode #30 – The Thanksgiving Episode: Andrew Kap, #1 best-selling author for The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need to Read

On this episode, Holli and Jeanna welcome special guest and author, Andrew Kap,  Andrew is the bestselling author of the “The Last Law Of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need To Read”.  He has a strong YouTube following and…

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law of attraction

Episode 29 – Sunday – This Powerhouse does it ALL!

Join Holli and Jeanna with their special guest – Sunday Hamilton – tea leaf reader, psychic, artist, jewelry creator, energy healer, tarot deck creator, shamanic journey and an author.  COVID masks are gateways to telepathic skills  instead of watching the mouth we watch the eyes and body…

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Episode #28 – The LOA Dry & Sparkle Regime – Core Values Edition

This episode, Holli and Jeanna highlight the importance of likeminded friends who support your continued growth, discipline in self-care (or as Holli is trying to rebrand as: “this bitch is up”), and the winks from the…

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Episode #27 – Nodes being Caressed, Zombies, and Truffles – Listener Readings Unveiled

Join Holli and Jeanna as they give three lucky listeners on the spot astrological readings but before that, they can’t contain themselves with Holli’s Nashville trip and a toilet:  Jeanna almost gets Holli arrested at the airport from the bomb squad  Holli…

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Psychic Anaijia Wilder

Episode 26 – Psychic Goddess Anaijia Wilder – The Finale

Join Holli & Jeanna for Part Two with Anaijia.  It’s cool to be a spiritual gangster but leave the real work to talents like Anaijia who know their gifts and know, understand and abide by the universal laws.    Keep…

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Episode 25 – Psychic Goddess Anaijia Wilder

Join Holli and Jeanna as they welcome special guest Anaijia Wilder for the first of two episodes…too much goodness to pack into one podcast!  The LOA gals get right to the guest – no hocus-pocus stories about…

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