Episode 70 – Gido Schimanski Personal Impact Coach Extraordinaire

Holli and Jeanna canNOT wait for you to listen to T H I S episode!  What a magnificent conversation with an incredibly creative and talented (like VIP main stage talent!), compassionate, warm, and wickedly gifted…

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Mind movies

Episode 69 – Natalie Ledwell, Self-Made Mogul

LOAers – T H I S episode is the example of what badassery and LOA is all about. LOA Uncorked aims to showcase beautiful souls who model the way – and this mogul does just…

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Episode 68 – Nancy Levin, Boundary Badassery Boss

LOAers, this episode starts out with Holli’s true confessions and gets to the root of her first foray into stalking…..although not shocked, but clearly news to Jeanna, she as always was well prepared to support…

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Nasim Alikhani

Episode 67 – Chef Nasim Alikhani 🥂Fierce, Fearless and a Force 

LOAers, this is a bonus episode in EVERY way!  But, we simply couldn’t wait any longer to share this incredible episode 4+ years in the making!    You all know Holli as well as Jeanna does,…

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Susanne Frandsen

Episode 66 – Obsidian Knife, Change Agent Susanne Frandsen

This episode is for all of us who desire a secret power, energetic ninja, coach extraordinaire as part of your personal LOA badassery posse!  If that kinda badassery posse member is what you desire (and,…

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Raising Our Vibration

Episode 65 – Raising Our Vibration with Kevin Schoeninger and Stephen Altair 

WARNING: This podcast is MEGA SIZED and the first time Holli and Jeanna have hosted two guests!  …and they have definitely met their match with these two exceptional, incredible souls!  The conversation shares Stephen and…

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Episode 64 – That’s Right, This Bitch is Up!

Ok, LOAers, buckle up for another solo episode with all the fun, flare, and foundational concepts that anyone seeking a badassery lifestyle needs in their routine!  But first, there will be plenty of banter about…

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Episode 63 – Quickie and Enjoy Every Fucking Bite of the Twinkie with Jamie Lerner

We are so excited for our listeners to join in on this powerful episode of LOA Uncorked – our guest, Jamie Lerner, shares heartfelt stories about connectedness with self, knowing, quickies and a twinkie.  And,…

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Episode 62 – Here Comes the Water Tiger and a Ground Breaking 2022 with Nicholas Haines

Hold onto your bubbles LOAer’s, do we ever have an incredible episode for you all!  Holli and Jeanna introduce you to their newest dear friend from across the pond (yep, Great Britain!) Nicholas Haines. This…

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Financial coach

Episode 61 – Show Us the Money Mike

LOAers – welcome back to another Uncorked episode with an incredible guest that we are excited to share.  Mike’s passion is to guide people financially to freedom!    Our intent is always to highlight people who are…

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