Episode #27 – Nodes being Caressed, Zombies, and Truffles – Listener Readings Unveiled

Join Holli and Jeanna as they give three lucky listeners on the spot astrological readings but before that, they can’t contain themselves with Holli’s Nashville trip and a toilet: 

  • Jeanna almost gets Holli arrested at the airport from the bomb squad 
  • Holli lies for Jeanna 
  • Jeanna feeds her daughter protein powder that is an ingredient to make a bomb 
  • Holli falls in love with a $6K Toto toilet.  She wants to manifest a try 
  • Holli spends too much time obsessing about the toilet and dusted popcorn from The Virgin Hotel – Nashville 
  • Champagne served to Holli on the Toto toilet + edible glitter in the toilet bowl = a sparkly undercarriage 
  • They finally get into astrology readings for three listeners that are in the witness protection program 
  • North nodes, rising sign, sun sign and houses are discussed for each listener 
  • One listener has North Nodes being caressed….hmmmmm….. 
  • Another listener is hiding Holli during a zombie apocalypse and protects her as she eats truffles… 
  • Who said a truffle isn’t a meal? 

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