Episode 91 – No Hocus Pocus Here – Personality Analysis with Legend Tina 

In this epic episode with Legend Tina, the LOA gals go a little crazy over her and the fact that it’s morning in Slovenia and they get to record at night.   

Tina Hocevar serves up numerology and personality analysis for the LOA girls.  Are they compatible?  Tune in to find out!  You will want to consult her for her insights in business, naming your child, getting married and if you want to know your purpose.  We are confident she will help with defining your strengths, weaknesses, your qualities and your purpose! 

She uses numerology as a foundation for the conversation with you so that she can introduce you to a deeper understanding of yourself.  She is an expert in numerology, coaching, meditation and teaching. 

More about Legend Tina:  

I am Tina and I help people to get to know themselves through PERSONALITY ANALYSIS. 

For the past 23 years I have been exploring and working in the areas of numerology, personality analysis, personal development, energy healing, stress management and meditation. 

Through Clarity Numerology I am living my mission, my passion and my purpose – helping individuals and businesses to discover and develop their potentials, to recognize and overcome weaknesses and through it – REACHING GREATER PEACE AND MORE FULFILLMENT IN LIFE.  

Check out our blog on how to calculate your Life Path number: https://loauncorked.com/numerology-with-legend-tina/

LOA Uncorked Assignment: 

  • Invest in 3 month experiment – everyday jump up and down 30 seconds, rub your hands and put them on your heart for 30 seconds.  Ask yourself what you need.  Don’t judge it but do it. 

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