Welcome to the world of Holli & Jeanna! We are beyond excited to bring you

transformative services that will empower you on your personal journey.

What makes us stand out? Well, get ready for a dynamic duo experience like no other! While most consultants work one-on-one, we believe in the power of collaboration. When you work with us, you don't just get one perspective, you get two powerhouses of insight, expertise, and pizzazz. We join forces to create a vibrant and enriching journey that will catapult you towards your goals.  Together, let's create a life that's an absolute reflection of your deepest desires.

Are you ready to embark on a mind-blowing adventure of self-discovery, empowerment, and conscious creation? Buckle up and get ready to unlock your true potential, uncover the secrets of your soul's purpose, and infuse your life with boundless joy, purpose, and fulfillment. We'll be your guides, your cheerleaders, and your partners-in-crime as we navigate this wild ride together.

The world is waiting for you to shine, and we're here to make it happen.

We offer the following on-going services:

Personal Coaching:

Our Personal Coaching Program offers you an opportunity to experience profound growth and create a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.

By committing to a monthly investment of $499, you will receive up to two 60-minute sessions per month, providing you with consistent support and guidance on your unique path. Here's what is included in this exclusive program:

  1. Tailored Empowerment: Our coaching sessions are entirely tailored to you. We create a safe and nurturing space where you can explore your deepest desires, challenges, and dreams. Through personalized attention, we uncover the blocks that hinder your progress and equip you with the tools and strategies needed to overcome them. Together, we unlock your true potential and empower you to embrace a fulfilling life.
  2. Collaborative Approach: When you join our Personal Coaching Program, you gain access to the power of teamwork. With both Holli and Jeanna by your side, you benefit from a diverse range of perspectives and expertise. Our collaborative approach ensures you receive well-rounded guidance, encompassing personal growth, career development, and relationship enhancement. Together, we bring you a holistic support system that propels you towards success.
  3. Accountability and Momentum: As your dedicated coaches, we are committed to your growth and success. Through regular sessions, we hold you accountable for your actions, helping you stay on track and maintain momentum. Our unwavering support and guidance provide the structure and encouragement you need to make meaningful progress and achieve your goals.
  4. Transformational Results: Our coaching program is designed to create transformational results in your life. By diving deep into your aspirations, challenges, and dreams, we unlock the full potential within you. With our guidance and support, you will experience significant personal growth, enhanced career prospects, and enriched relationships. Together, we pave the way for you to create a life that aligns with your true purpose and brings you lasting fulfillment.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and your future? Secure your spot today in our Personal Coaching Program and start living a life that aligns with your dreams and aspirations. Remember, your personal growth is priceless, and the rewards are immeasurable.  Click here to schedule:


Soul Blueprint:

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that connects you to the profound insights of your soul's blueprint? Prepare to unlock a deep understanding of your unique direction, gifts, challenges, and lessons chosen by your soul. This enlightening experience will ignite clarity, purpose, and a profound connection to your authentic self.

With our Soul Blueprint, we blend intuitive guidance, ancient wisdom, and our combined expertise to provide you with a richer perspective and a deeper understanding of your true essence. Here's why this one time, soul-nourishing adventure is like no other:

  1. Profound Insights: Delve into the depths of your soul's blueprint and uncover the secrets that shape your life's path. With astrology and our intuitive guidance and ancient wisdom, we unveil the hidden gifts, challenges, and lessons your soul has chosen to experience. By gaining this profound insight, you will gain clarity about your purpose, direction, and the unique contribution you are meant to make in the world.
  2. Alignment, Clarity and Purpose: Through this enlightening journey, you will establish a profound connection with your authentic self. As you gain a deeper understanding of your soul's blueprint, you will experience a newfound clarity and purpose in your life. This program offers you the opportunity to unlock the answers to your most profound questions, guiding you towards a life that resonates with your true essence. With our support and guidance, you will navigate your journey with confidence and conviction.

Your soul's calling awaits, and together, we will guide you towards a path of profound transformation.  Plan for 60 to 90 minutes  $299.00 Schedule Here: https://calendly.com/loauncorked/soul-blueprint

Not sure yet?  Get in touch to schedule your free Discovery Session, where we can discuss your aspirations, answer any questions you may have, and explore how our collaborative approach can empower you to unlock your true potential and live a life that aligns with your authentic self. Let's create magic together!

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Executive and Team Training

Executive and Team Training is where we empower leaders to unlock their full potential through self-mastery. We believe that true greatness in leadership stems from a deep understanding of oneself and the ability to master personal growth. Holli and Jeanna offer transformative training sessions that foster trust, self-mastery, and the creation of exceptional teams and leaders.

Our Approach:

  1. Self-Mastery for Great Leadership: We believe that great leadership begins with self-mastery. Our training programs focus on helping executives explore their inner landscape, gain clarity on their strengths and areas for improvement, and develop the self-awareness needed for effective leadership.
  2. Embracing the Mirror: We guide leaders on a journey of introspection and reflection, enabling them to look honestly into the mirror of self-awareness. By understanding their values, motivations, and behavioral patterns, executives can make conscious choices that align with their authentic leadership style.
  3. Building Trust: Trust is the foundation of strong teams and effective leadership. Our training sessions foster an environment of trust and psychological safety, empowering leaders and teams to communicate openly, collaborate, and support one another's growth.
  4. Cultivating Self-Mastery: We provide practical tools, techniques, and strategies to support executives in mastering themselves. Through emotional intelligence development, stress management, and resilience building, leaders gain the skills to navigate challenges and inspire their teams.
  5. Creating Exceptional Teams: By focusing on self-mastery and trust-building, our training sessions contribute to the creation of exceptional teams. Executives learn how to foster a culture of growth, empower their team members, and cultivate an environment that embraces diversity, creativity, and innovation.
  6. Nurturing Great Leaders: Our aim is to nurture great leaders who inspire, motivate, and bring out the best in their teams. Through our training programs, executives gain the confidence, clarity, and self-awareness needed to lead with authenticity, empathy, and vision.

"Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power." - Lao Tzu

Use the calendar link above to schedule a exploratory call or send an email to:  loauncorked@gmail.com