Episode 61 – Show Us the Money Mike

LOAers – welcome back to another Uncorked episode with an incredible guest that we are excited to share.  Mike’s passion is to guide people financially to freedom!   

Our intent is always to highlight people who are authentically living their soul’s purpose and their stories provide insight, learning, and inspiration to consider/learn from as you are co-creating your own badassery life with the universe!   

After listening to the conversation with Mike the LOA gals are confident you’ll know why we were so honored Mike joined us on the podcast!  And, all the way from Australia via Zoom! 

More about Mike: 

Mike is a graduate of the Financial Coach Master Training from Ramsey Solutions. He has over 10,000 hours of learning and has absorbed the tools necessary to lead clients through financial obstacles and the emotional stresses that typically arise around the subject of money.  

Mike became debt free in 2012 and inspired by his own financial recovery, he began sharing these learned principles with family and friends with amazing results. Inspired, Mike transitioned out of his career as an electrical engineer and set up his own business, Money Like Mike, and is now a full time Financial Coach.  

Mike believes financial coaching is all about teaching the tools that will provide confidence and certainty when it comes to handling personal finances and ultimately building wealth. Working one-on-one with his clients while following proven principles, Mike will teach you how to put in place a tailored cash flow plan allowing you to permanently get out of debt and build clear future financial goals. When you know better, you do better! 

We know you will thoroughly enjoy this conversation with Mike and we hope it inspires wealth building and management in your life.  And, with Mike as an example, that does not have to compromise your sense of self, spirit, adventure, and world exploration! 

Podcast References: 

Money Like Mike a podcast hosted by Mike Staunton 


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