Episode 49 – Cultivate Your Crew

In this solo episode, Holli goes a little nutty for old flame (but only in her head) Marcus Buckingham, author and expert in personal strengths so much so that she almost derails the whole podcast.   

Thankfully Jeanna corrals her back on track to discuss how to cultivate your crew of friendships!  This episode will help you manifest supportive friendships. As we get older it gets harder to grow and evolve with a close group of friends.  Finding your crew is important!  The LOA gals are here to lay it down for you: 

  • Be intentional – set an intention you will manifest your crew.  What are you hoping for in the connection, what will they bring, what will you give….. 
  • Important LOA note – do not judge what comes forward 
  • Be the friend you want to attract 
  • Be brave & vulnerable 

Jeanna confesses (well sort of) that she forced Holli to be friends with her.  As the LOA gals meander through the podcast and this episode seems exceptionally twisty, they share their gift of friendship with the LOA Uncorked audience. 

LOA Uncorked Uplevel Assignment: 

  • Find Your Crew!!! 
  • Give appreciation and thanks for those already in the crew ❤️ 

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