How to Calculate Your Life Path Number

How to calculate your Life Path Number (Life Purpose): Add all digits of your date of birth. For example, if your birthday is on 7/27/1975, you add digits like this: 7+2+7+1+9+7+5 = 38. If you…

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A Public Service Announcements on A$$es

LOA Uncorked says wear your ass shape with pride!

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Change is a Brewing…

We are stepping into a new cycle! What does taking charge of this new cycle look like? Weather, fashion, leaves, school, and maybe even the uncorked beverage of your choice seems familiar but not the same.    I’ve heard people express that time has moved quickly yet…

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Brad Pitt Flying Through the Air???

How we crave the most simple things – meeting friends in a packed bar, going to a concert or baseball game that’s if we are lucky.  There are those that are battling illness, isolation, and…

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Bad Ass Boss (even at 5 years old)!!!

A picture is worth countless bad ass words.    Jeanna, the child at the top middle, was clearly possessing the family with a mischievous look in her eyes. (Bro Janet on the bottom – always…

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H&J Astrology – More Soulful Purpose through the Houses

Below is the natal chart of David Beckham not Holli! Look at that North Node in the 7th House in Sagittarius and his rising sign in Taurus. Chart was from the free version at…

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H&J Astrology – Your Purpose Revealed

This is how this works, if your north node is in Aries, then your south node is Libra (directly opposite from the North node).  If your north node is Libra, then your south node is…

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Mirror, Mirror Find Your Reflection…..

We have all been forced to stop and linger until we feel the discomfort….   What do you do with the uneasy divide?  Netflix or Hulu?  The Tiger King….Big Little Lies? Facebook, Instagram, Facebook, Instagram….  Wine…

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Uncorked Miami Moments

The LOA Uncorked girls traveled to Miami for some sun and upscale bubbles…..What did we learn? Even though the door is wide open, you must still ask “May I come in?” Go where the night…

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Top 10 Badassery Principles

Top 10 Uncorked Badassery Principles: If it’s not a Hell YES! it’s a Hell NO! (Never apologize for a no!) If the shoe doesn’t fit; throw it out the window.  Don’t force – if it…

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