Episode 25 – Psychic Goddess Anaijia Wilder

Join Holli and Jeanna as they welcome special guest Anaijia Wilder for the first of two episodes…too much goodness to pack into one podcast!  The LOA gals get right to the guest – no hocus-pocus stories about Toto toilets, bomb squads or protein powder.  You can thank Anaijia for that.   …see, she’s powerful.  Anaijia is the founder of The Love…

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Episode 18 – Fire, Earth, Air & Water! An Invitation to You

Fire, Earth, Air, Water

Join Holli and Jeanna as they cover:  Black Lives Matter.  Eradicate Racism and find a better world.  We do what we are called to do and encourage you to do the same.  We are committed to educating ourselves and others, donating, signing petitions.   Holli has an unspoken goal that she doesn’t speak about – I…

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Episode 17 – H & J Astrology More Soulful Purpose


Join Holli an Jeanna as they cover:  All in Challenge – Holli thinks she is getting a walk on part with Leonardo and Martin while having a lemonade stand with Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds and driving a Lamborghini with Quavo  Hugh and Ryan will go to the Unicorn Bar and get the fries thoroughly…

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Episode 16 – H&J Astrology – Your Purpose Revealed


Episode #16  H&J Astrology  – Your Purpose Revealed!  Join Holli an Jeanna as they cover:  Holli’s hidden talents revealed  Running fingers through hair..  No hair cutting side hustle during COVID  Pisces no boundaries   Holli is like Fred Meyer – full stop shop  Holli is famous for if she doesn’t like something she blocks it out …

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