Episode 18 – Fire, Earth, Air & Water! An Invitation to You

Join Holli and Jeanna as they cover: 

  • Black Lives Matter. 
  • Eradicate Racism and find a better world. 
  • We do what we are called to do and encourage you to do the same. 
  • We are committed to educating ourselves and others, donating, signing petitions.  
  • Holli has an unspoken goal that she doesn’t speak about – I challenge myself to at least one new crazy scheme every week during COVID. 
  • Holli’s floating bone is analyzed – it is not a pimple. 
  • Sculpting asses is discussed.  
  • The LOA girls are going to the mystical Vortex in Sedona and will podcast back to you. 
  • It’s our gift to ourselves for the pandemic. 
  • Vegas was considered and disregarded since COVID, Las Vegas is like going to a firework stand with PTSD.  Jeanna gets a tick thinking about it. 
  • Fire, earth, air and water – the astrology elements. 
  • Sun, North Node, Rising sign and Moon are important to understand your elements. 
  • All signs have an element and cast a flavor to who you are – it’s another layer. 
  • If you are able to pull up your whole natal chart, count how many signs you have in each of the elements – fire, earth, air and water. 
  • You can see these elements when you walk into a room. 
  • A lot of air – talking and getting into trouble at school. 
  • Jeanna showed Holli a picture of her family when she was little and it was clear she thought she “owned” the family & she looked mischievous = her fire element. 
  • Jeanna was always in trouble for talking in school and did not turn in her homework = her air element. 
  • Holli always got kicked out of the library for talking = her air element. 
  • If you have an abundance of air in your chart, it is quite possible you have struggled in school maybe turning in work or disorganized.  It is also possible you may have Attention Deficient Disorder (ADD) – please note LOA girls are not medical professionals and are not in alignment with the name and the diagnosis.  We refer to the condition with the nomenclator that everyone knows.  People with ADD are brilliant and their incredible talents are misunderstood and under developed. 
  • A person missing any elements either had it in a past life or was kissed by God with an abundance of it before birth so it is not necessary in this lifetime or it is really missing.  A person missing air will not want to talk much and will be challenged at becoming a great talker.  It doesn’t mean they cannot do it though! 
  • We wish our teachers did astrology and understood their children in this deep way – it would help them educate to the child’s gifts.    
  • We love teachers! 
  • Holli has so much Pisces in her chart.  In second grade, she felt bad all the time and went from a good student to a struggling student because her feelings were always hurt. 
  • Astrology in the classroom = earth does well, fire runs around the classroom, air talks too much and doesn’t get anything done and water cries in the corner.  Earth is made for school. 
  • Holli has so much Pisces she is the sweet, sweet, honey bee with a dose of Gemini.  She wants to fly from flower to flower while talking.  She is a sensitive bee not a murderous hornet. 
  • To know someone is a beautiful gift.  I see you is powerful.  Letting someone know you were meant to be that way – step into your power.  You know how best to support, encourage and fill in a gap. 
  • People that don’t have water, may appear to lack sensitivity and not very touchy, feely.  These people are misunderstood. 
  • Why does this matter to know the element?  Puts everything into perspective. 
  • If you are ignoring the elements of your Sun, North Node and Rising Sign, it is important to work towards expressing those elements to fully express your soul. 

Uplevel Uncorked Assignment:  If you can, take all the zodiac signs in your chart and assign the elements to them.  The most important is to check out your Sun, North Node and Rising sign elements.  Get the flavor of your personal blend.  Look at the combinations and think about how this shows up in your life now and how did it show up in childhood.  Are you acting in your elements for your North Node and your Rising Sign?  This is your soul calling.  Look at your children’s charts so that you can understand them better.  

The Elements – Fire, Earth, Air and Water: 

Fire – (action, movement, initiative, assertiveness, energized, passion) 

Fire types struggle with sitting and doing a medication, theirs is a moving meditation, running, walking, driving, etc. 

Signs that are fire: 

  • Aries – warrior, pioneer, daredevil 
  • Leo – king/queen, performer, clown, the one in the spotlight 
  • Sagittarius – gypsy spirit, student philosopher, shaman 

Earth (get shit done, grounded logical, methodical) 

Signs that are earth: 

  • Taurus (quiet, earthy spirit) 
  • Virgo (servant, analyzer, martyr, perfectionist) 
  • Capricorn (leader, timeless teacher) 

Air (talking & communicating) 

Signs that are air: 

  • Gemini (observer, teacher, story teller, journalist) 
  • Libra (lover, artist and peacemaker) 
  • Aquarius (genius, revolutionary, truth sayer, inventor) 

Water (feelings) 

Signs that are water: 

  • Cancer (mother, healer) 
  • Scorpio (detective, sorcerer, therapist) 
  • Pisces (poet, dreamer, mystic) 


Holli’s natal chart – circle the rising sign, North Node sign and the house the North Node is in 

For a recap of the signs and to pinpoint your North Node:   

The freeway to understanding astrology is Debra Silverman:   

The Missing Element by Debra Silverman 

Kiki Erickson – Psychotherapist and Astrologer 

Get your free natal chart: 

Astro.com click on free horoscopes/natal chart 

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