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Eastern Veil Nebula which is a supernova remnant from a star that exploded 7,000 years ago
The astrological sign that corresponds to your birth date is your North Node

This is how this works, if your north node is in Aries, then your south node is Libra (directly opposite from the North node).  If your north node is Libra, then your south node is Aries.  We have been gifted with the talents of the south node.   We are working to step fully and uncover the gifts of the North Node.  When you embrace your North Node, you feel authentic and it propels you towards joy. 

Group 1: 

Aries – Embrace your badassery bossy self and don’t apologize for it.  “Get in line and take a ticket” attitude.  Your soul was meant to be a warrior and bust through stuckness. Put yourself first; no compromise. 

Libra – You are here to bring everyone together and be the peacemaker.   You are about partnership and collaboration.  Compromise, diplomacy, harmony and connection is your goal.  Beauty and balance. 

Group 2: 

Taurus – You are here to work hard and be stable.  You are grounded, practical and predictable.  You show up conservative and money conscious.  You will establish security for you and your family.  Peace in simple pleasures, a good meal or bottle of wine. You love money and love paying bills.  You love beauty. 

Scorpio – You are here to realize the full extent of our spirituality.  Connect with our divine and unveil the truth.  You are here to tell the truth. Your happiness is found in your soul.  Embrace your sexuality and allow it to be seen. Be fascinated with scary stories and the mystical. Let your intenseness rule the day. 

Group 3: 

Gemini – You came to study and assume the role of teacher.  Humor your ability to bounce from topic to topic – it’s your path – don’t make yourself wrong for it. Absorb as much information as you can and remain objective.  Learning, evolving, writing and perhaps speaking.  Communication is your theme. 

Sagittarius – This soul likes higher education and philosophy.  Monotony and routine will drag you down.  You are on the path to adventure and to embrace variety in life.  Speak with integrity and travel the world. 

Group 4: 

Capricorn – You have big ambition and should set goals.  Take on leadership- show the way.  Be a badass boss! You are stable, efficient and successful. 

Cancer – Family is where it is at for you.  You are nurturing and your feelings are a gift not a curse.  You are a healer in everything you do.  Surround yourself with loved ones who adore you fiercely. 

Group 5: 

Aquarius – You are in service to others – you are the ultimate humanitarian, eccentric, individualistic, calm, cool, collected team player.  You are brilliant and you spear head revolution and then you knit society back together.   

Leo – Hello I’m here everyone – show up Leo and demand that attention.  You are entitled.  There is nothing wrong about being shiny with passion and enthusiasm.  Excite and entertain us! Express your greatest truth no matter what others think.  Be brave – standup for the underdog.  Embrace your desire for fame or wealth and luxury. 

Group 6: 

Pisces – Your intuition is your friend.  Teach others to trust their intuition.  Your imagination is a gif.  You present alternate perspectives.  Remain emotionally open and view others with empathy and kindness. 

Virgo – Embrace your left brain logical thinking.  Rely on fact not fiction (subjective is not necessary).  Be productive and go after your goals.  Always trust your intelligence and that big brain of yours.  Take care of and provide to others selflessly.  Be health conscious. 

Meet you due North…..


  1. Diane on May 14, 2020 at 11:52 pm

    A great episode! I learned my North and South nodes (I don’t like that word either, Jeanna), and am looking forward to listening to future episodes to learn more. Thank you!

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