Episode 17 – H & J Astrology More Soulful Purpose

Join Holli an Jeanna as they cover: 

  • All in Challenge – Holli thinks she is getting a walk on part with Leonardo and Martin while having a lemonade stand with Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds and driving a Lamborghini with Quavo 
  • Hugh and Ryan will go to the Unicorn Bar and get the fries thoroughly endorsed by Kate 
  • Get your free natal chart – know your exact time of birth, location and date 
  • Uncover your North Node’s house 
  • Rising signs are revealed 
  • Rising sign is your soul 
  • Two points your soul wants to charge towards, your North Node zodiac sign and house placement and your Rising sign 
  • We covered the zodiac signs for your North Node in the last podcast.  Once you have your rising sign, go back and relisten to understand the zodiac sign for your rising sign. 
  • Jeanna’s North Node is in Capricorn and her rising sign is in Aries, these are in combination and are layers to your soul 
  • Houses are divided into 12 houses and it adds another flavor of your soul 
  • ASC or ascendant or rising sign – all the same 
  • We will explore two houses for your soul – the first house and the house that the North Node is in 
  • Rising sign is always in your first house – it’s the time you were born 
  • Understand your soul and embrace all parts 
  • Holli tried to make herself wrong for moving from topic to topic and flying around like a honey bee.  Holli wants to move to another flower 
  • LOA girls react to Prince Albert and the Tiger King.  
  • Hanging door knockers are discussed. Holli confesses she had to phone a friend to ask what this Prince Albert nonsense was about. 
  • Jeanna is not interested in the house that has the door knockers. 
  • Dysfunctional fucking clowns – poor tigers. 
  • To know thyself is to set thyself free 
  • Our wish is to fall in love with all humans 
  • Understanding breeds appreciation and love 

Uplevel Uncorked Assignment: Find your birth time. Pull your natal chart and find the location of your rising sign and the house for your North Node.  Review your rising sign and North Node from the previous episode.  


Holli’s natal chart – circle the rising sign, North Node sign and the house the North Node is in:


For a recap of the signs and to pinpoint your North Node:   

The freeway to understanding astrology is Debra Silverman:   

Get your free natal chart: 

Astro.com click on free horoscopes/natal chart 

TimePassages an app 

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