Episode 54 – Taking Your Divine Power Back From A Narcissist

In this solo episode the LOA Gals talk about a topic that has been popping up in many conversations over the past few months – narcissism.  But, before getting to narcissism and gaslighting, Holli an Jeanna share the current life happenings: 

  • HOCO is really a FOCO this year for most high schoolers…but the glam squad, gorgeous dresses, fabu shoes, and HOCO fun filled Holli’s house this weekend!  
  • It’s also Halloween time – and the LOA gals (thanks to Holli) have a third member, It, in the stu.  What is it, you ask?  Oh, hell yes…it’s a Peloton! …and Holli’s shoulder and neck are feeling it’s presence most. 
  • Holli shares about her recent trip to Washington DC and a wonderful visit with a wonderful woman who ordered ‘just a mimosa’.  By the end of the conversation, they were fast friends and Holli’s new BFF was ordering ‘a mimosa’!  It’s never ‘just a mimosa’! 

The LOA gals very appropriately share a disclaimer before launching into the conversation and awareness building around narcissism and gaslighting: Neither Holli nor Jeanna are therapists or physicians.  Please seek professional help if you need assistance dealing with critical issues impacting your health or wellbeing. ‘ 

The conversation shares more about what to look for when if you think you are dealing with a narcissist: 

  • Begins with a pronounced effort to ‘win you over’, lots of charm, showing you with compliments/gifts, etc. 
  • Once you are committed to this person (whether they are your romantic partner, if it is a friendship, a boss, etc.) the showering of attention, compliment, support shut off – if not actively withheld. 
  • The effort to win you over is replaced with bravado.  They lie, manipulate and gaslight you instead with no remorse. 
  • Often they show a very different persona when they are interacting with your friends and family. 

Gaslighting is a tactic that is often used by one member of a relationship to manipulate or disorient another member.  The name of the tactic came from a play/movie in the mid-1900’s. The LOA gals point out that if someone is gaslighting it does not mean they are a narcissist.   

LOA Uncorked Uplevel Assignment: 

  • Let’s all stop saying ‘you are crazy’!  Let’s honor people’s perspective and don’t question their sanity if you disagree or don’t see something the same way.  It’s unnecessary roughness! 
  • If you suspect you are dealing with a narcissist in a key role in your life – be sure to seek professional support. 
  • Claim your space, learn tactics, and be very clear what your boundaries are and own your reality – do not doubt yourself! 

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