Bad Ass Boss (even at 5 years old)!!!

A picture is worth countless bad ass words.   

Jeanna, Mom, Dad, Bro Janet

Jeanna, the child at the top middle, was clearly possessing the family with a mischievous look in her eyes. (Bro Janet on the bottom – always the heavenly pool.) What was Jeanna’s destiny?  What was her heart’s desire?  What did her soul say? 

We start to lose the whispers of the soul as we grow older.  Our parents, teachers, friends and our culture may unconsciously take us off track. 

With Jeanna, she was a performer in her younger days – we can see it in her stance and her eyes.  In order for her heart to truly sing, she needs to perform somewhere in her life to be fulfilled.  It could be a past time or could be her vocation.  It could manifest in a million different ways but it needs to be a part of her life. 

Go on a journey with us back to your childhood before twelve years old…. 

Close your eyes and envision yourself – a picture of you to help remember?  Your favorite jeans or friend or bike.   

Then ask yourself, what did I like to do then?  What made time fly by?  What was the essence of what made my heart sing?  Like Jeanna – find it. 

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