Episode 66 – Obsidian Knife, Change Agent Susanne Frandsen

This episode is for all of us who desire a secret power, energetic ninja, coach extraordinaire as part of your personal LOA badassery posse!  If that kinda badassery posse member is what you desire (and, even if you don’t now, trust us you will after listening to this episode), meet the newest member of your team, Susanne Frandsen.  The LOA gals have the most exquisite conversation (ok, coaching session) with Susanne and the nuggets of pure gold are monumental!  From the wisdom of masculine/feminine energetic balance, to corporate America, to managing energy, and ensuring we all have tools and routines to support change – Susanne delivers one incredible episode.   

And, the collective inner woman and inner man apology and forgiveness prayer that Susanne offers to us all at the end of this conversation is simply breathtaking and beautiful.  Susanne is a catalyst for change – enjoy! 

More about Susanne: 

Susanne has a masters degree in strategic management and courses in business psychology paired with 15 Years of experience from the corporate world as Key Account Manager, Management Consultant and professional board member. 

She also has a long list of holistic training, which she now and since 2010 successfully has used to build the bridge between the old performance driven lifestyle and business culture to the new eras sustainable passion & purpose driven lifestyle and business culture. We are in the midst of birthing the new eras of individuals and organizations. Are you in? 

LOA Uncorked Uplevel Assignment: 

  • Follow the path of least resistance and most joy! 
  • Your highest good is also of the highest good for everyone else. 
  • Look for your own beautiful butterfly. 

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