Episode 36 – GG’s A$$, Saturn and Uranus – Ready, Set, GO!

This episode is just what we need during this time of planetary nonsense….some lightness and levity with a dose of ‘you aren’t crazy’!  What are you in for this episode,you ask?  If you can believe it, all of this:

  • Is the second take really better?  …likely not but we will never know;
  • LOA IT budget is all about making sure if we are ever on safari and an elephant has to take a crap…we are more ready than we ever wanted to be;
  • A whole lot of ‘butt thing’ stuff…how could that ever be unforgettable;
  • Hokey Pokey = dangerous drinking game
  • Holli is a tripwire – safety first everyone! 
  • Commuting isn’t for everyone…but rubber bands are a MUST (..but not for fashion) 

Did you know?  There is an astrological fight club in the sky with Saturn (you know, the ‘saggy boobed old lady planet’ of hard work, discipline, and boundaries) and Uranus (planet of rebellion and phuck you) opposing each other (astrology nerd term for this is ‘the planets squaring each other’) throughout the year.  First encounter (first planetary duke it out fight) was February 17th (but we are all still feeling the punches), the second square on June 14th and the final is on December 24th and these slow moving planets just hang around and fight for a longer period of time – and we all will feel their energetic fight!.  .

What does this really mean?  The planetary energies will make us all feel irritable and triggered throughout the year at times.  We all need to really hone in on where and what triggers us – that is our work to understand, sort out and correct.

LOA Uncorked Uplevel Assignment:

  • When triggered – go inward and better understand where it is coming from. Get curious!  Don’t try and control it or force it.  Be open to receive what the tension is showing and/or guiding you to resolve.  
  • Always remember that the tension isn’t about someone/something else – it is about you and showing you what you need to resolve for your highest good.
  • What are you resisting or telling yourself?  Write your new narrative that works for YOU!
  • Go north…and meet us at JOY!

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