Episode 104 – Embracing Your Authentic Spark: A Journey with Helen Grace MacGregor

Get ready to rock and roll with the latest episode of Uncorked! Holli and Jeanna are joined by the badass Helen Grace MacGregor, who is on a mission to bring people back home to their authentic selves. And guess what? She’s owning her ADHD diagnosis like a true rockstar!

Helen’s journey has been one wild ride. With her tattoo that says “unfold your magic” in a spiral, she’s come full circle in her life. From being a sparkly, intuitive child who felt the world’s pain too deeply to going through what she calls the “wilderness years,” she’s now back to herself. She’s done it all, tried different careers, and even studied Shiatsu (a Japanese form of healing) before committing to her true calling, writing. She lives and breathes words, and writing is her core.

But here’s the kicker: Helen discovered she had ADHD at 52, and it was a revelation. She didn’t fit the classic picture of a loony boy running around, but when she learned more about ADHD and how it matched her brain, she rocked it! Now she helps people get out of their heads and into their bodies, finding calm and settling their nervous systems. She knows that true inner knowing comes from being connected heart and head, fully embodying yourself.

Speaking of embodiment, Helen dives deep into why it’s so important to be in your body. When you’re not embodied, you’re leaving behind 95% of your lifeforce and leaking power, which leads to burnout. So, how do you get back in your body? Follow what lights you up! Dance around, find your joy, and let it guide you back to your true self.

In her upcoming book, “The Mid-Life Awakening,” Helen shares her wisdom and experiences. 

Get ready to be inspired, entertained, and uplifted as Holli, Jeanna, and Helen Grace MacGregor take you on an epic adventure of self-discovery, healing, and unleashing your inner magic. It’s time to uncork your true potential and rock your authentic self!

More about Helen Grace MacGregor:

Helen Grace MacGregor is an endlessly curious lightworker by stealth!

As an intuitive wordsmith, soul guide, facilitator, Qoya teacher and women’s empowerment educator, she gently ripples out love through her words and work.

Helen is the creator of The Magical Process and is passionate about gently empowering midlife women to express their innate creativity and embrace their unique magic. She does this through her books, podcast, introvert-friendly group gatherings and programmes offering seasonal, soulful embodiment and energy practices.

Helen has spent almost two decades empowering women. Prior to that, she was an NHS health professional, which is where she learned the hard way how important it is to balance your head, heart AND soul.

Her drive to understand what makes humans tick led her to train with some of the best embodiment and energy teachers in the western world, such as Rochelle Schiek, Sonia Choquette, Barefoot Doctor, Bruce Frantzis, Helen Noakes, Judith Hanson Lasater and Saul Goodman.

After life threw her a shocking turning point in 2019, Helen recently followed her heart by relocating to West Sussex, UK, where she has found herself living somewhere that takes her breath away! She can often be found walking, cycling, singing, teaching, dancing, doing yoga, drinking coffee and writing. Sometimes she has to pinch herself because this is the life she once dreamed of…

Helen believes that if we all learn to live in a way that lights up our soul, together we will create a brighter world.

Uncorked Assignments:

Podcast References:

Website:  https://gracespacesoul.com/

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/grace.space.soul/

Substack: https://helengracemacgregor.substack.com

Email:  helen@gracespacesoul.com

ADHD diagnosis and support:

  • National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) – ADHD: The NIMH provides comprehensive information on ADHD, including symptoms, diagnosis, treatment options, and research updates. Visit their website at www.nimh.nih.gov.
  • CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder): CHADD is a national nonprofit organization that provides education, advocacy, and support for individuals with ADHD and their families. They offer resources such as webinars, local support groups, and online forums. Explore their website at www.chadd.org.
  • ADDitude: ADDitude is an online resource dedicated to helping individuals with ADHD and their families thrive. They offer articles, expert advice, webinars, and a community forum where you can connect with others facing similar challenges. Visit their website at www.additudemag.com.
  • Understood: Understood is a website that provides information and support for individuals with learning and attention issues, including ADHD. They offer articles, videos, tools, and a supportive community for parents, educators, and individuals with ADHD. Check out their resources at www.understood.org.
  • ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO): The ACO is a professional organization that connects individuals with certified ADHD coaches who specialize in working with people affected by ADHD. Their website provides information about coaching, finding a coach, and upcoming events. Learn more at www.adhdcoaches.org.

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