Episode 111 – Cosmic Bootcamp with Lorie Ladd

Embark on a soul-shaking journey with Lorie Ladd in this throwback episode—voted one of our most downloaded! Holli and Jeanna, the queens of cheeky banter, even get their spiritual booties transformed into a cosmic class.

This talk is no ordinary chatter; it’s a paradigm shift, a guide on living consciously. Buckle up because here’s the newsflash: no need to fix, change, or toss out parts of yourself. 🌟 Liberation comes from observation without attachment. No boulders in the river, says Jeanna—time to detach!

We dive into trauma, learning how to avoid piling on more. Affirmations? Maybe not! Explore the debit and credit system of our thoughts. And of course, let’s celebrate our human selves by delving into the divine intelligence of our bodies and body image.

This episode is a potent blend of wisdom and inspiration from a true spiritual luminary. Tune in, and let the consciousness revolution begin!

More about Lorie:

Lorie Ladd is an author, spiritual teacher, and thought leader specializing in the evolution of human consciousness. Her teachings and guidance have helped millions of people navigate the current planetary shifts, embody Sovereignty, and remember the divine design held within the human experience.

Inquisitive and intuitive, Lorie found her life purpose at 13, when she simply knew she would assist humanity through the miraculous and divine collective awakening humanity is experiencing now. But it wasn’t until 2015, after leading an almost normal life, which included a MA in Psychology, teaching hot yoga, a corporate job, and a fiancée, that she fully committed to her mission. 

In 2015, Lorie launched her own platform, which includes master classes and online courses, and thousands of videos available on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. People on all continents resonated with her teachings and down-to-earth personality, gathering together in a community that surpasses a million people.

The Divine Design is Lorie’s first book, and came to her as a download, during an initiated journey to the sacred land of Machu Picchu. Designed to be a lifetime companion, the book reveals the untold story of earth’s and humanity’s evolution in consciousness and provides the much-needed tools for navigating the current planetary awakening.

Lorie Ladd resides in California, the state where she was born and grew up.

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