Episode 108 – Instant Healing with Brian Johnson

Hold on to your capes, Uncorked fans! In this thrilling episode, Holli unveils the superhero saga of her first encounter with Brian on a dusty beach path, while Jeanna’s rendezvous with him unfolds in the legendary setting of a garage! Holli’s ninja may be fierce, but Brian’s powers effortlessly make the ninja stand down.

This wellness-packed adventure with Brian Johnson flips the script on healthcare, weaving feelings and nutrition into the limelight. Forget dragging through lengthy transformations; Brian’s got a “speed of implementation” approach. Shame to joy in 10 seconds? Now that’s a superpower!

Unravel the mystery of instant manifestation with conscious word adjustments. Brian challenges us to drop “I wants” and embrace “I choose.” But beware, identity cleanup is the name of the game!

Anxiety? Nah, call it what it is – fear! Brian dives into the literal subconscious and the linguistic madness of the English language. Ever thought, “Isn’t it a great day?” translates to “Is it not a great day”? Mind-blowing, right?

Emotions stored in the body? You betcha! Brian decodes the emotional messages your body sends, using body language for instant healing. Get ready for transformation without the hassle!

It’s Uncorked with Brian Johnson – where wellness meets superhero swagger. Don’t miss this rollercoaster of conscious shifts, word wizardry, and instant healing! #WellnessRevolution #InstantHealingMagic

More about Brian Johnson:

If you are a high-performing professional in the business world or a corporation, it’s normal to feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day. Spending hours in the gym with little to no results isn’t how life should be.

What if you could transform your life or your employees in 90 days or less, without sacrificing much of your time or personal life in the process? If you’re an entrepreneur, executive in a business or on a corporate team, Brian’s program is designed to enhance your overall well-being in all areas of your life. Brian, a world renowned expert of 38 years, will guide you & your team to victory, helping you to achieve all of your wellness-related goals while completely transforming the way you live your life.

Here are his certifications!


 ● Institute of Integrative Nutrition

● Conquering Any Disease- Eastern Medicine Food Based Healing-SSQ

● Conscious Life Upgrade Coach-Mastery Systems University

● Food Based Healing and Disease Reversal Nutrition

Human Performance:

● (NASM) National Academy of Sports Medicine

● (NCSF) National Council on Strength and Fitness

● (BSMI) Baylor Sports Medicine Institute

● (ISSA) International Sports Science Association

● (IFPA) International Federation of Professional Athletes

● (NSCA) National Strength and Conditioning Association

● Touch For Health 1

● Touch For Health 2

● Mastery Systems Life Upgrade Coaching

● Mastery Systems Conscious Language Human Operating Systems

“If YOU Don’t Make Time For Your WELLNESS, You WILL Make Time for Your Illness”

● Mastery Systems Sacred Body Language Translations

● Mastery Systems Conscious Life Upgrade Coaching

Baylor Sports Medicine Institute Certifications:

● (BSMI-CPT) Complete Personal Training

● (BSMI-RES) Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist

National Academy of Sports Medicine Certifications:

● (NASM-OPT) Optimal Performance Training

● (NASM-PES) Performance Enhancement Specialist

● (NASM-CES) Corrective Exercise Specialist

● (NASM-CPT) Complete Personal Training

NLP Training

● Certificate Practitioner Hypnotherapist,

● Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP)

● Practitioner Time Line Therapy

● Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming

● Certified Master Practitioner of Quantum Time Technique

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Podcast References:

Website: https://brianjohnsoncoaching.mykajabi.com/home


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thebrianjohnson1977/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thebrianjohnson/

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