Episode 41 – 10 Badassery Principles – LOA Uncorked Outtake Episode

We went into the vault for this episode!  Listen in on a pre-pandemic recording of the LOA Uncorked Badassey Principles to live by! The recording was done on a blustery Saturday in Seattle and was intended to…

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Episode 40 – Beautiful Soul Channeler Stephanie Banks

Audience, brace yourselves for a truly magnificent episode!  The LOA gals are honored to have shared time and this profound conversation with divine goddess guest, Stephanie Banks…and we are thrilled to share it with you…

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Episode 39 – Golriz the Vegan Maven

This episode was so special for the LOA gals that we made it our VERY FIRST SPECIAL RELEASE EPISODE!  We simply didn’t want to wait any longer for you all to hear the passion, wisdom…

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Dr Keira Barr

Episode 38 – Skinny Dipping with Dr. Keira Barr

Our guest for this episode is so incredibly talented, smart and committed to healthy, mindful living that she’ll inspire us all to strip naked and jump in a cold body of water!  Dr. Keira is…

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Episode 37 – Bada$$, Award-winning Writer and Director – Naz Riahi

The scene: New York City, The Ludlow Hotel’s Dirty French restaurant.  The year: 2015 Across the table sat the guest of this episode and a dear friend of ours.  The other side of the table…

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GG's Ass

Episode 36 – GG’s A$$, Saturn and Uranus – Ready, Set, GO!

This episode is just what we need during this time of planetary nonsense….some lightness and levity with a dose of ‘you aren’t crazy’!  What are you in for this episode,you ask?  If you can believe…

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AK Wilder

Episode 35 – A.K. Wilder Crown of Bones – This Wonder from Down Under is our Diana Ross

Join Holli and Jeanna as they share an extraordinary conversation with author, astrologer, and the wickedly talented and multifaceted, Kim Falconer.  Remember The Oprah Show episode when she interviewed her idol, Diana Ross?  You know…

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Episode 34 – The Unhinged Honey Badger

In this episode, Holli and Jeanna share fun, some nonsense and scary dating premonitions (hint: hide if you are a zookeeper, especially an Irwin) all while honoring Ireland and LOA Uncorked’s exciting (albeit questionable, at best) international…

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Episode 33 – SLVR Lining to Kick Off 2021 in Style

Holli and Jeanna begin the episode with a welcome to 2021, an ode to the dumpster fire that was 2020 and Holli’s new love strategy*.   Just when you think their banter will never end, they…

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Goodbye 2020

Episode 32 – Kiss our Collective A$$ 2020 – Bring on 2021

Join Holli and Jeanna for a just in time, Solstice inspired, 2021 readiness episode.  We talk about The Great Conjunction and the Christmas Star event on 12/21 – how did/do you leverage this incredible, energetic…

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