Episode 109 – Journey from Skeptic to Psychic with Laura Landrum

Buckle up, Uncorked enthusiasts! In this riveting episode, Holli and Jeanna dive into a girlfriend chat with none other than Laura Landrum, the psychic extraordinaire. Hold on to your crystal balls!

Laura, once a staunch skeptic who declared, “I don’t do psychics,” takes us on a journey from her years as a pediatric nurse and minister to embracing her psychic medium abilities. Who would’ve thought?

Working with God or your preferred higher power is Laura’s secret sauce, and she’s got a squad of angels to prove it. Holli spills the tea on her angelic board meetings, where her celestial assistants might be working overtime. But hey, in the spiritual realm, the customer is always right!

Ever wondered how to boost your intuition? Laura spills the beans – write in the morning. Plus, the key to spiritual prowess? Get yourself a spiritual practice, says the minister turned psychic.

Fear of psychics? Been there, done that. Laura empathizes with those who’ve had unfortunate psychic encounters. But fear not – she’s here with advice on getting a stellar psychic reading. Address those burning questions first, jot them down, and most importantly, be open. Holli, in her true Uncorked style, finds her cozy space, grounds her body, and summons her hardworking guides for the ultimate cosmic consultation.

Get ready for a laughter-infused, wisdom-packed episode as Uncorked uncovers the mystical world of psychic prowess with Laura Landrum! 🔮✨ #PsychicInsights #SpiritualJourney

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Email: prophetlauralee@gmail.com

Text/call: (828)421-5862

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