Erin Claire Jones

Episode 53 – Human Design Expert and Delightful Human Erin Claire Jones

The LOA Gals welcome an incredibly designed human, Erin Claire Jones. Excited for you all to listen to this episode, seek to understand your human design and begin to integrate changes in how you live…

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Prayer arrows

Episode 52 – The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

In this solo episode the LOA gals light a candle, set their intentions with the prayer arrow, and unleash the typical LOA nonsense.  But, before the LOA gals get to the Good, Bad, and Ugly,…

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Everyday Magic

Episode 51 – Vortex Inspired Everyday Mag.ic!

The LOA gals recorded this episode on their first ever ‘LOA Bucketlist Trip’ to Sedona, AZ.  From the balcony of their suite at the Enchantment Resort, the LOA gals share this episode that they looked forward to recording…

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Episode 50 – Superheroine, Transformational Coach Lauren Featherstone from The Body Shop Gilbert

The LOA gals are so excited to share this episode with you all!  When we come across real life superheroes in life, we can’t wait to share them with the LOA community…especially when they have…

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Holli& Jeanna

Episode 49 – Cultivate Your Crew

In this solo episode, Holli goes a little nutty for old flame (but only in her head) Marcus Buckingham, author and expert in personal strengths so much so that she almost derails the whole podcast.   …

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Episode 48 Hair, there, everywhere!!

In this solo episode, brilliantly titled by our podcast editor and queen, Kelly Whinnem, the LOA gals are focused on, you guessed it…glorious, beautiful and, sometimes, elusive H A I R! That’s right, this episode the LOA…

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Twin Flame

Episode 47 – Twin Flame Romance – It’s getting ? in here with Twin Flame Expert Michelle Fondin

On this episode of LOA Uncorked, we welcome a recent manifestation of Holli’s to the podcast.  That’s right, Holli’s manifestation skills have evolved.  Long gone are the days of potholders and socks.  These days, she…

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Episode 46 – The Extraordinarily Curated Life of Mindy Shotwell

On this episode of LOA Uncorked, you will join a fun and engaging discussion with a very special guest of the LOA gals.  This episode was recorded on location (Portland, OR) and with a peanut…

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Episode 45 Gifted Transformational Healer

In this incredible episode, Holli and Jeanna welcome a powerful healer that both the LOA gals have had the privilege of working with in the past.  As you join us in this conversation with Lanaiya,…

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Episode 44 – Magic or an Edible?

Yep, just by the title of this one you know it’s gonna get interesting!  On this episode the LOA gals start the episode off admiring a fluffification of ‘the stu’, setting intentions for the episode and their pre-podcast ritual.     Holli…

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