Episode 6 – Realize your Goals – Alchemy Style

Let’s do this!

Episode 6:   Realize your Goals – Alchemy Style    

Show Notes:  Join Holli and Jeanna as they launch into 2020 with a special edition of LOA Uncorked to release your dreams 

  • Create a gratitude list – bless everything in 2019
  • New moon and full moon rituals of manifesting and releasing roadblocks  
  • Never use should – its not badassery approved (unless it’s a question)
  • Prepaving 2020 Intentions – Write as if you already have it – feel the feelings, smells, sights and sounds – uncork the can of whoopass and the confetti! 

The Uplevel Uncorked Assignment – Set your intentions big and small, unleash your dreams 


Jeanette Maw, The Magic of Pray Rain Journaling 

Kim Falconer Astrology 



  1. RoyalTribe on January 1, 2020 at 9:12 pm

    Episode 6 is my favorite episode to date! Thanks for the great conversation, advice and suggestions. You two are the best.

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