Brad Pitt Flying Through the Air???

How we crave the most simple things – meeting friends in a packed bar, going to a concert or baseball game that’s if we are lucky.  There are those that are battling illness, isolation, and poverty. Do you remember the TV show Bewitched?  If I was Samantha on Bewitched I’d magically give us all what we need with a little twitch of my nose. 

Here are a couple of ideas to keep you positive and resilient until we can squeeze each other again:

Connection… is free and no matter what our personal situation is it will make us feel a sense of joy, purpose and meaning.  Let’s pinky swear to create more connection!

Set a goal and work towards it – let’s be hopeful for a new, brighter future!  One of H&J’s goals is to continuously improve our content to you!

On a final note, Samantha would just think about an object and it would come flying towards her. As I channel my inner Samantha, prepare for flight Brad Pitt!

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