Episode 5: Smokin’ HOT Ass

Episode 5:  Smokin’ HOT ASS 

Show notes – Join Holli and Jeanna as they explore: 

  • Wearing your sunglasses at night 
  • What are you carrying from your past that isn’t serving you 
  • Is Rick the connoisseur of asses 
  • Body image, your strengths/challenges and creativity 
  • Flip the issue and play with the energy.  I am worthy of everything! 
  • Can we laugh at the stupidity of what we are carrying 
  • Can we bless those that gave us our baggage 
  • Your words are your wand 
  • Skip the shame,  beating yourself up and go straight to lesson 
  • Understand and teach from your lesson 
  • Consider not judging and send blessings to those you think are assholes 
  • Walk gently in this world, go easy on yourself, live joy 
  • Perfection is an illusion 
  • The life review – lets make this life the best 

The Uncorked Uplevel Assignment – Think about those things that impacted you negatively when we were young and assess whether it is still impacting you  today. Change your internal dialogue by flipping those thought to something that serves you today.  Don’t forget to bless the direction from which they came!  

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