Episode 33 – SLVR Lining to Kick Off 2021 in Style

Holli and Jeanna begin the episode with a welcome to 2021, an ode to the dumpster fire that was 2020 and Holli’s new love strategy*.   Just when you think their banter will never end, they welcome Emily Britt – just in time!   

This podcast is one of our favorites yet!  Emily is a beautiful example of an LOA lifestyle in development and practice.  She’s a 24 year old mogal with passion, commitment to global change towards sustainable and ethical fashion.  Her fashion journey is rooted in her steadfast commitment to creating change that reduces textile waste, global pollution and waste all while increasing awareness of consumers in every effort to encourage more mindful purchasing of products from companies (including, but not limited to, fashion) that promote sustainability and have high ethical and quality standards.   

Emily is a true alchemist in every sense and she absolutely created change in both Holli and Jeanna!  LOA Uncorked is excited to share our interview with Em with you and hope it is as inspiring to you as it was for us! 

Emily’s LOA Uncorked Assignment: 

  • Be Intentional:  When you are at that store and you are considering buying new clothing – do you really (no, she means REALLY) need it? 
  • Make sure to go through your closet and eliminate the items that no longer serve you!  Donate them to your favorite program, host an event for your friends to come and pick out what they love, sell on Poshmark or Ebay, etc.   
  • Be Uncomfortable: Allow yourself to be open to new information and change how you perhaps have always done things and/or make decisions. 

How to find Emily Britt: 

Instagram: @missemilybritt 

Website: weareslvrlining.com 

List of Em Britt Approved Companies: 

*Hint for curious listeners: all things roll downhill. 

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