Episode 7 – Should Bill Gates F.E.A.R. Holli and his Brain

Episode 7:   Should Bill Gates F.E.A.R. Holli and his Brain

Show Notes:  Join Holli and Jeanna as they help you unleash your fears to manifest your spectacular life!  

  • We hate the “F” word! 
  • Bill Gates confesses his fears  
  • Listen in as we give Bill Gates free advice – he needs it! 
  • Challenge yourself to face your fears 
  • Fear is a liar; it is false 
  • Do simple things that you fear 
  • Releasing fears will help you to manifest 
  • Start small and try little things to embrace your fears 
  • Worry brings dis – ease – don’t worry 
  • Worry robs you of your creativity and manifesting abilities 
  • Live your authentic life and appreciate the joyful moments  
  • Focus on the joy in all things 
  • Be in service 

The Uplevel Uncorked Assignment –   Where’s your fear? Lean into little fears and DO them.   Make a list of your fears and start doing the small things that you fear.  Then, make a list of your joy. It creates a shift in your soul and will help in manifesting your desires.    


Netflix Special, Inside Bill Gates Brain – Decoding Bill Gates 

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