Episode 51 – Vortex Inspired Everyday Mag.ic!

The LOA gals recorded this episode on their first ever ‘LOA Bucketlist Trip’ to Sedona, AZ.  From the balcony of their suite at the Enchantment Resort, the LOA gals share this episode that they looked forward to recording during their trip to Sedona, but had NO idea how incredibly powerful this episode could be once they experienced the everyday magic of Sedona and the wonderful souls they met along the way! 

You’ll hear all about: 

  • Holli’s bomb-making body souffle and the ‘TSA rubdown’.  Listen, GG missed this security ‘incident’ but promises to video the next one.  And, trust us, with Holli and her body souffle, there will be another ‘incident’! 
  • Buzzards, lizards, foxes, and scorpions – hide the sweet meat! 
  • Where else in the world would you get GG to hike (for hours on end) twice in one day?   
  • Is that a fluist on the top of Warrior Man rock?  Nope, it is the legendary incredibly inspired, magical flautist Robert! 
  • From the guides, to the incredible staff, and the wonderful friends they met along the way – Holli and Jeanna were humbled and inspired!  Sedona is epic everyday magic – it is a town full of energy, mysticism, beauty and generous people doing their work straight from the heart! 

LOA Uncorked Uplevel Assignment: 

  • Take your practical mind and practice shutting it off  
  • See people around you that inspire you, bring great wisdom and perspective into your life, can teach you lessons, and let that inform/change the fabric of who you are as a person.  Integrate all that into your life 
  • Find ways that you can light up the world through your heart and spirit – one person at a time!  That is how we recharge the collective and evolve! 
  • Authentic action inspires you and anyone you touch! 
  • Everyday magic – make it happen! 

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