Episode 52 – The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

In this solo episode the LOA gals light a candle, set their intentions with the prayer arrow, and unleash the typical LOA nonsense.  But, before the LOA gals get to the Good, Bad, and Ugly, they warm the audience up with some good, bad, and ugly nonsense!   

Nonsensical highlights/lowlights:  

  • Zit/Tit – I think Holli is thankful Tzar starts with a ‘T’ after all 
  • Holli tried to kill GG and gave her a Grandma Millie cankel!  What is worse?  GG’s medical needs are being minimized after her dehydrated illness and a cankel.  
  • For all of Holli’s geology smarts, her defining feature is still her ‘sweet meat’.  ‘Noseeum’ or ‘Ifeelum’ – which is worse? Discuss.  
  • During our ‘meat branding discussion’, it will be clear why neither Holli or Jeanna are in marketing. 
  • Thanks to the Larson’s for letting LOA gals crash their mansion with all their home ecutramonts that the girls are not yet smart enough to figure out how to work.  So they just ate a few pickles and talked about the ‘aggressive toilet’.   News flash: Don’t touch the buttons, independent user!   

The Good, Bad, and Ugly: 

  • We are more comfortable pointing out the negative (oh, and positive) within others versus acknowledging within ourselves.   
  • Disassociation is a legit thing – and we have to retrain ourselves to acknowledge so we can grow and evolve 
  • If you are triggered by someone, it is often a projection and is an uncosionsious acknowledgement of traits and/or emotions that we don’t like in ourselves and attribute it to something/someone else. 
  • You project on others and people project on you.  When you project – you are triggered by someone and it is meant to teach you something about yourself.  When others project on you, you have triggered them and are showing them something about themselves that they need to look at/work on. 
  • LOA heroes for Holli: Harry Styles (talented, authentic, doesn’t give two shits what people think about him)  and Jeanna: P!nk (badass, talent per ounce is ridiculously high, speaks her mind, blazes a trail and speaks her norm, clear about who she is, etc.) – often your heroes have the traits you have or are within you that need more daylight. 
  • Oh, and if you are dealing with a narcissist the projection game can be very harmful!   
  • Gals (and guys, too) STOP apologizing!  It takes away your power and undermines your authority.  Stop worrying about not being liked or being offensive.  Think about if it could be anxiety?  Only apologize if there is a legitimate need to apologize for something you did wrong or you are remorseful about! 
  • Honor the power of your words and honor yourself. Minimizing your contributions and your words minimizes your value and voice in this world.     
  • And, yes, Holli was triggered again this week – GG’s notes came in ‘late’ again but awesome all the same. 
  • The more self aware you are the more you can see the projections and own them and move to joy! 

LOA Uncorked Uplevel Assignment: 

  • Count the number of ‘sorry’s’ (you might need a few people around to help you if it is an unconscious pattern) 
  • Create awareness – once you are aware you can manage how you put your voice into the world and how others perceive you.  Don’t let your self talk limit your magic! 
  • Flip the script!  “I’m sorry” becomes “Thanks for being patient”. Or, say nothing at all if it isn’t something worthy of an apology! 
  • As Mindy says, be intentful and mindful with your words.  So, if a situation warrants a legit apology, be intentful.  If you are going to say sorry, I am sorry.  I am sorry = remorse.  Sorry = anxiety. 
  • Identify your hero(s) and note what you really admire about them.  Why are they your hero?  Highlight or awaken those same attributes within yourself! 
  • When you feel triggered – go within and find out what inside yourself needs to see daylight. 

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