Episode 32 – Kiss our Collective A$$ 2020 – Bring on 2021

Join Holli and Jeanna for a just in time, Solstice inspired, 2021 readiness episode.  We talk about The Great Conjunction and the Christmas Star event on 12/21 – how did/do you leverage this incredible, energetic shift? 

While you are thinking about what you are grateful for, what no longer serves you and what you are calling in/manifesting for 2021 we certainly hope you are entertained by some pure LOA real life magical stories along the way: 

  • Eggnogg.  Is it more egg or nog?    
  • What are dimensions on a huger rug?  Anyone? #RestorationHardware? 
  • How many shower curtain does it take to cover a huger Restoration Hardware rug? 
  • Where is Father Mike when you need an exorcism?  Prince needs to be dispossessed as Smith.   But as long as Smith is still showcasing his shiny black swag who will notice his pudgy, devilish ways?!  Not Holli! 

What and when is all this planetary brilliance, you ask? 

December 14, 20210– Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius (a new start/new season) leading up to and post eclipse just know you are not losing your minds!  The energy is just, well, rough and activating for us all (but for some more than others)! 

December 21, 2020 – The Great Conjunction is Saturn/Jupiter conjunction with the Christmas Star (come to Whoville, nah Lake Taps and check it out!)  Break out the new markers and backpack, kids, it’s a new year! 

Saturn and Jupiter transition together from Capricorn (Earth Sign) to Aquarius (Air Sign):  This aquarian season of expansion and energy will usher in energy that evokes collective service, community, not in it alone – not in competition.  When the collective rises, we all rise! Rest and Prepare this holiday season -  it’s time for the LOA Uncorked community to collectively rise up with our badassery selves and create meaningful magical change in 2021! 

During this time you will boot out the old energy, patterns, behaviors, connections that no longer serve you!  This period of time will create space and support to bring in what does create happiness, joy and lightness to you and the collective!  What would up level your life in 2021?  Name it, imagine it and the Jupiter will help you make it so! 

LOA Uncorked Assignment: As Andrew Kap from Episode 30 reminded us – practice staying in gratitude!  With gratitude comes joy, positive energy and a higher vibration for you and all those around you!  If you are one of many who are practicing just imagine all the incredible things we will manifest together!   

From our LOA families to yours – Happy Holidays and looking forward to creating our very best life, with style, in 2021! 

Holli and Jeanna 

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  1. Sunday on December 25, 2020 at 9:33 pm

    Thank you beautiful goddess’s
    Much love and Light ????

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