Episode 34 – The Unhinged Honey Badger

In this episode, Holli and Jeanna share fun, some nonsense and scary dating premonitions (hint: hide if you are a zookeeper, especially an Irwin) all while honoring Ireland and LOA Uncorked’s exciting (albeit questionable, at best) international ratings!  Once you hop off your Sunshine Tours bus on Chuckanut Drive, make your way past the unhinged honey badger and find the zookeeper that Holli scares into going to Ireland. The LOA gals reveal new moon strategies and tactics to leverage the Great Conjunction and set some badass LOA lifestyle intentions!  

Listen, this collective heaviness can be mitigated, dare we say abolished, with the following concepts, practices and intentions set: 

Live life with intention – be intentional daily!   

Let’s all do our part in this time of Aquarian energy to add to the energetic shift towards service of others, collaboration and community.  Out with that old me, me, me capitalism energy, please! 

Gratitude morning, day and night!  Give it, receive it, practice living in a state of gratitude! 

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  …and if you do need to fix something and it isn’t falling into place for you – for shit sakes, DON’T FORCE IT!  Have trust and faith it is happening for your highest good, get curious and remind the universe and your guides you could use some divine help.  As we hear from the Honey Badger, you can yell at them but they just laugh back….so be nice! 

If, along the way, shit goes south (AKA – there is a Code Red in Sector 4) give yourself an energetic time out, take some deep breaths, and recommit to your intentions for the day!  Can’t be joyous if the honey badger wants to show up! 

Use your downtime, even if it is literally as you drift off to sleep, to be mentally diligent and industrious by visioning for yourself, your intentions and your gratitude.  How you move, show-up and influence in the world is a direct reflection of your commitment to these practices. 

LOA Uncorked Assignment: Set daily intentions, practice daily gratitude, identify, define and embrace your alter ego  With gratitude and positive intentions comes joy, positive energy and a higher vibration for you and all those around you!    

Recommendation:  Consider more inspiring alter egos than these: 

Holli:  Honey Badger a ‘vicious, unhinged animal that is stupid and not in their right mind’ 

Jeanna: GG – a ‘scary looking, but disguised in a calm exterior in soft lighting, librarian-type figure who takes your BS and hands it right back to you with a plate full of shove it up your ass. 

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