Episode 10 – Sniff Your Way to Weight Loss – The Elixir Series – Part 2

Episode 10: Sniff Your Way to Weight Loss – The Elixir Series – Part 2 

Join Holli and Jeanna as they describe a magic potion to take away the weight: 

  • Call to develop an Elixir to move through pain quicker 
  • Geneen Roth – sniffing a candy kiss 
  • Using food to check out 
  • Follow the bread crumbs – this will reveal your path 
  • Make yourself a priority 
  • Getting nutrients for your body, check thyroid, hormones and other medical issues 
  • Manifesting weight loss  
  • Readiness is important  
  • Acknowledge where you don’t feel good in life – where is the pain? 
  • Look at the whole body 
  • Weigh yourself but done let your day be ruled by the scale.  Use the information but not meant to make you feel bad 
  • Do things that make yourself happy 
  • Put yourself as a priority, honor yourself – do what makes you happy 
  • Think of it as a journey into yourself 
  • The right weight loss elixir will show up on the journey 
  • Stay in your joy and follow the bread crumbs 
  • Checking out and carrying on a life that is not authentic to you is the opposite of the goals 
  • Use a health care wholistic provider 

The Uncorked Uplevel Assignment – get on the scale, make yourself a priority, follow the bread crumbs.  Do a complete blood panel and check in with your healthcare provider.  Cortisol, thyroid, hormones are the minimum you should check.  Ask your posse to help encourage the journey.   

Please note we are not giving medical advise and advise you to seek the attention of a healthcare provider. 


Geneen Roth, Author of Women, Food and God 

Frederick E. Dodson, The Reality Creation Technique ( appendix has a Weighty Issue) – the whole book is a Hell YES read by the way 

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