Episode 20 – Jeanna’s COVID Birthday and say a hell YeS! To healthy boundaries!

Join Holli and Jeanna as they explore: 

  • To Seattle H&J went for Jeanna’s 25% capacity pandemic birthday celebration   
  • They ate more than they drank – this is a first 
  • Music in chauffeur daughter’s car was fire – driving, hmmm…..  
  • Weirdness is still in the air with COVID.  It’s disarming – are people scared or do they think its just fake news – hard to figure out where people are at and what are the rules 
  • Holli explains her floating bone 
  • Let’s stop making people uncomfortable 
  • Mask is sticking around for awhile 
  • Mental health and happiness is a priority 
  • Being hunkered down with the family requires healthy boundaries  
  • Being uncomfortable may be a sign that you don’t have good boundaries 
  • For example, you don’t want to be hugged and someone hugs you, you feel discomfort 
  • Leaky boundaries will add to your stress 
  • Self care is healthy boundaries, not too loose and not too strict 
  • Let’s rebrand self care – taking suggestions 
  • Physical and emotional boundaries 
  • Boundaries are a respect for self 
  • What’s a boundary and what’s a choice? 
  • Verbalizing your boundaries is important so that people know 
  • Rigid boundaries are unhealthy and therapy would be helpful to ease stress 
  • Too loose boundaries is also unhealthy, they are not articulated and then the person internalizes the discomfort.  Everyone has boundaries even if not articulated 
  • You can be good at boundaries at work but too loose with loved ones 
  • How you communicate the boundaries is extremely important.  Make sure it is not directed at them but about you.  
  • Look at the intent behind when someone breaks your boundaries and sometimes give them grace for positive intent 
  • During COVID – maybe your employer calls you at al hours, maybe your kids interrupt your meetings – all of this you determine is disrespectful and needs a boundary 
  • Set those boundaries now! 
  • What makes me feel worse during the day and why?  Is it from others?   Can you clearly articulate the issue?  
  • The decompression time of the commute or the work-out has vanished during COVID – it’s a great time to set a boundary 
  • 7 examples of boundaries H&J style: 
  • Communicating thoughts, feelings, and needs 
  • Telling others how you want to be treated 
  • Deciding which problems are yours and which problems belongs to others 
  • Not “saving the day” and letting others be accountable for the natural consequences of their choices 
  • Having personal space and privacy 
  • Not providing an explanation for your “no” 
  • Saying no to the things you don’t have the time, energy or resources for….and no to the things you don’t want to do 

Uplevel Uncorked Assignment: Explore your personal boundaries and how they can be improved. What makes you uncomfortable – start the exploration there!   Where do your boundaries look like Swiss cheese? 

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