Episode #28 – The LOA Dry & Sparkle Regime – Core Values Edition

This episode, Holli and Jeanna highlight the importance of likeminded friends who support your continued growth, discipline in self-care (or as Holli is trying to rebrand as: “this bitch is up”), and the winks from the universe that you are on the right path (synchronicities) during these crazy ass times!  All of this, AND more about the brilliance of the Toto toilet.  We can’t wait until Toto is a sponsor of LOA Uncorked!  

  • If Holli is going to wear a COVID mask comprised of panty materials (lining included – think undercarriage) then GG must have one too!  Panty masks – all the rage thanks to Cosabella! (www.cosabella.com – Never Say Never Pleated Face Mask) 
  • Panty masks are better than a bra mask with the nose strap – ask Anastasia. 
  • Two Toto toilets (TotoUSA.com) ARE better than one for LOA – we can’t WAIT for our Toto toilets to arrive!  How’s that for manifestation in action?  Hint, hint, wink, wink Toto! 
  • We promise to advertise the Toto’s only – ‘not plug the shit out of it’ but rather promote heavily! 
  • What is the difference between flora and fauna, anyway?  Anyone?  (Truth be told: Jeanna thinks Holli is just making shit up.) 
  • The LOA gals are headed to Santa Barbara, Big Sur and Carmel soon – they are excited about their trip to BS and SB!   
  • Jeanna and Holli share their concern that Harry and Megan are following them (again) given they announced Santa Barbara is their new hometown weeks before the trip.  “Why do they always follow us?” 
  • Clearly, recognizing Harry and Meg are not following them and they should not be scared for their safety, the LOA girls shameless promote how they could help support the success of their new foundation, Archewell.  
  • Actually, you know who should be somewhat concerned for their safety?  You’ll hear.  (Spoiler alert: The Indian Matchmaker should fear Holli!) (Indian Matchmaking l Netflix.com) 
  • After these very complimentary and succinct topics of conversation, Holli and Jeanna focus on a follow-up discussion on core values.  Getting real, down and dirty with your core values (inspired by Ed Mylett Podcast Evolve Your Brain with John Assaraf and The Tim Ferris #444 Hugh Jackman), being clear with your goals, setting intentions, affirmations and rituals around those core values and goals.   
  • Key to ensuring goals can be successfully manifested and obtained = your self-worth!  Where you lack self-worth, success is inhibited and limited.   
  • LOA recipe for important change: double (or triple, if you like things super sweet) the measurement of self-worth, do the work (whisk it up, if you know what we mean) and success will be baked up! 
  • Contemplate with Holli and Jeanna whether the backbone attached to the ass or does it end at the ass?  Come on, admit it!  You’ve always wondered too… 
  • As you are doing this important personal development/manifestation work be certain to gather around you the resources you need and identifying patterns that need to break to create new, healthier patterns.  Personal, professional, imaginary….whatever you need.  No judgement on the way to living your core values! 
  • Jeanna kinda wishes she was Alice.…and that’s not an eggaggeration! 
  • We want to be sure you are LASERLY focused on your goals!  This time is critically important, with the planets bullying us around, the significant external pressures of COVID, social unrest, upcoming election, etc. and if we all raise up and evolve it inspires and helps the collective.   
  • Inspire others by modeling the LOA way – start the ripple effect of positive change amidst so much unrest! 
  • The churn and swirl IS real right now, dear friends.  No joke.   
  • When you are sucked into the aforementioned churn and swirl, the LOA dry and sparkle regimen is: 
  • LASERLY focus on your goals!  Like x-ray light vision (close your eyes and imagine it – you know what we are talking about) 
  • Be open to the divine U (universe!) to deliver the goal(s) in ways in which you may not expect it.  Don’t focus on the how you think it might show up – the U is so incredibly cleaver! 
  • Be sure to define and commit to your daily practice, rituals, and affirmations.  Practice does make perfect! 
  • Find, add to and lay under your gorgeous gratitude tree – it’s a beautiful spot to relish in the beauty that exists and manifest new! 
  • Aaaand, if you are still stuck in the churn and swirl, connect with those that support you, guide you and pull you out of the muck!   Listen, you have VIP places to go, and a beautiful path ahead of you, sometimes you just need someone to help dust you off and put your ass back on path!  
  • Never forget, everything is meaningful so eyes wide open for synchronicities!  They are signs, nods of encouragement, affirmation from your posse you ARE heading in the right direction!  Go forward with your badassery self! 
  • LOA Uncorked Assignment:  
  • Take care of yourself.  Easier said than done these days – so make it your NUMERO UNO gig!  
  • Download The Pattern app (it’s free) – great ‘on demand’ awareness for yourself, your chart, and what your planets are up to.  You can also peek in and see how your friends, family members, many of you’re a-lister friends are doing too.    
  • Be the light and the example of how to exist in the churn with no bullshit, all truth and nothing but fun! LOA Uncorked style, baby.  

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