Change is a Brewing…

Did I struggle to become my authentic self? Did I judge myself? I am furry? Ugly? Slow? Beautiful? Fast?

We are stepping into a new cycle! What does taking charge of this new cycle look like?

Weather, fashion, leaves, school, and maybe even the uncorked beverage of your choice seems familiar but not the same.   

I’ve heard people express that time has moved quickly yet acknowledge in the same breath that time has moved incredibly slow.  Even time has changed.  I’ve always believed in bending time.  I’m the classic squeeze too much into a day and always running behind.  I used to sit in Seattle traffic, stop and go, stop and go on the freeway, praying I would get to extended care in time to pick up my kids before it closed.  In the middle of it, I would loudly recite affirmations in my car: 

“Time is my friend.”   

“I always arrive at the perfect time.”   

“Traffics flows easily and smoothly for me.” 

Then, when it wasn’t working I’d pound on the steering wheel and curse the traffic. Deep down I was panicked and planning on who I could call to get my children picked up.   

I had bent time in the past but it didn’t look like this story.  I set my intent on time in the beginning of the day and visualized myself flowing easily throughout it.  And then, I went about my day – there was no panic if I saw traffic.  I would visualize my angels flying the car faster.  This delivered a smile, not anger.  Most of the time this seemed to get me where I needed to be on time.  When it didn’t, I knew that whatever time I arrived was just perfect.  This is called being in the flow – flow is no regrets or anticipation. It opens the manifestation door to synchronicities and creativity – who doesn’t want that!! 

With so much change afoot, we at LOA Uncorked invite you to set your intention and visualize your outcome during this cycle of change.  Then, go with the flow and know that even if it doesn’t look good it will be for the best. 

Never doubt Mag.ic is always in the air! 


  1. Amanda on May 24, 2021 at 5:36 am

    I’m loving the pod cast! You guys have such great chemistry. I’ve always loved astrology and girl talk. This is the best of both worlds.

    • Holli & Jeanna on June 20, 2021 at 6:08 pm

      Thank you sooooo very much for listening and big hugs for the compliments!! xoxo Holli & Jeanna

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