Episode 23 – Podcast Gods Revealed Ed + Tim

Join Holli an Jeanna as they cover: 

  • H&J bust out to Vegas consuming too many beverages 
  • Does COVID float?  Hmmm…… 
  • 106 degrees at the pool.  It’s a no go for H&J  
  • Shout out to Alaska Air – H&J felt like VIPs  
  • H&J like a helpful airplane man 
  • Brace yourself – Jeanna’s bringing it this episode 
  • Holli listened to the podcast on the plane 
  • Something happened and Holli’s head nodded off after the rose in a can 
  • Jeanna had an epiphany to listen to a podcast while getting ready in Vegas 
  • John Assaraf was a part of the secret and on the Ed Mylett Show 
  • Ed has a lot of affection for everyone, he is a little delicious 
  • Holli has affection for Ed 
  • Holli gives away secrets of manifestation for H&J travel 
  • Holli takes a picture of where she is going and writes experiences she wants to have 
  • It’s intentional living 
  • Rewiring of the brain 
  • Define your goal and ask yourself are you committed or just interested?  There is a difference. 
  • Mindfulness and intent  
  • Let’s reinvent our goals and create a daily practice 
  • Daily use your finger to trace over your goals and practice, go through it, record it and listen to it – this is how you rewire your brain 
  • H&J aligned our goals to be more powerful 
  • Celebrate your accomplishments – the little things and the big things – if it moves you write it down 
  • Edible glitter in H&J champagne – decadent 
  • What energetic fuckery is this? 
  • H&J walk through goal setting and daily practice 
  • For example, weight is energy, release it if you want to lose weight 
  • Master the act of change and being in the flow with change instead of mastering comfort 
  • Tim Ferriss podcast had Hugh Jackman – he is intentful and focused 
  • Both Ed and Tim have guests that do their work at the highest levels and are asked what they do that creates that level of success.  What makes special people special.  What sets them apart in their field 
  • Hugh Jackman is a courageous man for changing life direction when he recognized her made a mistake 
  • Hugh inspired Jeanna for a cold shower…. 
  • Goop Lab on Netflix talks about the Wim Hoff method 
  • Goop Lab actually showed a real women’s orgasm 

Uplevel Uncorked Assignment: Make your goals, create a daily practice and go over them daily.  Share and connect with your friends.  Celebrate your accomplishments. 


Innersize by John Assaraf 

Ed Mylett Show Podcast – Evolve Your Brain w/John Assaraf 

The Tim Ferriss Show #444 Hugh Jackman 

Goop Lab with Gwyneth Paltrow Netflix special 

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