Episode 26 – Psychic Goddess Anaijia Wilder – The Finale

Join Holli & Jeanna for Part Two with Anaijia.  It’s cool to be a spiritual gangster but leave the real work to talents like Anaijia who know their gifts and know, understand and abide by the universal laws.   

  • Keep honing your intuition, Anaijia confirms we all have it, but confirms we aren’t all psychic! Yep, that is right, keep your day job! 
  • The energy right in front of us all, and the present, is all that is real.  The future is subject to course correction – future ‘fucked up energy’ can be avoided.  Rerouting… 
  • Listen to Anaijia take us up on the idea to do an on the spot, impromptu virtual reading!   
  • When we say spot it went something like this – hey Anaijia it would be fun to do a live reading!  She’s like hell yes and we call someone she does not know. 
  • Virtual reading with who, you ask?  You know him – it’s our very first guest TJ Streets (Yung Wolf)!  PS Anaijia had not listened to this episode. 
  • So fascinating that notes don’t do it justice – you have to listen!  No cliff notes offered… 
  • WARNING: don’t even think about asking for any humble pie.  Do NOT be humble about your purpose – everyday should be about getting to that purpose and not apologizing or patiently waiting ‘for it to come to you’! 
  • Anaijia wraps up this brilliant second episode with a most important reminder to us all.  “Your OG’s aren’t always your OG’s if your soul is older than they are.  What worked for them probably won’t work for you.’ Adapt and pave your authentic path to your purpose. 
  • TJ says Nicon Moeini (TJ’s producer and Anaijia’s during this podcast) might be one of his “mountains”.  Anaijia clarifies that some relationships on the road to purpose are critically important for conflict and challenge.  The tension between an artist and an engineer/producer is one that requires the artist to be able to be wickedly clear and concise about who they are and what they are striving for (says the former diva artist who knows for herself) and Nicon requires that of TJ ‘on purpose’ for both of them.   

Uplevel Uncorked Assignment:  Rate us and comment or send your recommendation in from our website – we will offer a 30 minute reading by Anaijia to one lucky listener on us! 


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