Episode 22 – Bewitched, Brad Pitt and Connection

Episode #22 – BBC – Bewitched, Brad Pitt and Connection 

Join Holli and Jeanna as they cover: 

  • H&J forgot what they did before COVID 
  • Joy is expressed in the little things 
  • Subscribe!  The H&J blog – Holli wants to channel Bewitched.  Samantha from Bewitched would wiggle her nose to manifest and shit would just fly through the air.   If Holli is Samantha then prepare for flight Brad Pitt 
  • H&J is cancelling Sedona….they want to find the vortex but not in COVID 
  • H&J’s nieces’ film short was about deep connection during COVID.  It showcased a bookstore owner where you could feel his loneliness,  isolation, his restlessness and his relief.  He makes the weekly trip to the store to fulfill online orders and writes a personal letter to each customer based on their purchase. Ending is epic – see the film!
  • Pinky swear to find more connection
  • Let’s continue to manifest! Keep the vibes high! 
  • Blow through the log jam if you are not manifesting 
  • Set some goals  

Uplevel Uncorked Assignment: Find more connection and set personal goals 


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