Uncorked Miami Moments

Stunning storm from 18th Floor Mandarin Oriental, Miami

The LOA Uncorked girls traveled to Miami for some sun and upscale bubbles…..What did we learn?

  • Even though the door is wide open, you must still ask “May I come in?”
  • Go where the night takes you even if it’s just to the bar downstairs – true mag.ic can happen
  • The equation of room + service = Happy LOA girls
  • Ask for a bouquet of flowers that you cannot take back on the plane……the Universe gets creative and delivers via flowers atop water cups (unexpected flowers manifested – BAM!)
  • Couples too excited to meet you – walk away……it was NOT meant to be…
  • Don’t hand your phone around the bar > than 4 drinks! Well, < 4 drinks too truth be told!
  • The boomerang effect – smiles and grace sent, come back 1,000 fold
  • Doing nothing.  LOA considers potential big time action
  • Wholesome sometimes is uncovered as just plain dirty and guess what??  We like it a lot.
  • If the claw pins you, consider it a privilege
  • Rain, wind and water can be sexy – Miami, LOA thinks you are sexy
  • We’ll be a fine line – Harry Styles assures us that “We’ll be alright.”
  • Happiness is holding space with great people sometimes known life times, sometimes 5 minutes
  • Mandarin Oriental staff are Gs (gangsters) – you spin our world but we don’t get dizzy!
  • Kiss me on the shoulder Miami, until we meet again……

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