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Below is the natal chart of David Beckham not Holli! Look at that North Node in the 7th House in Sagittarius and his rising sign in Taurus. Chart was from the free version at Astro.com – click on free horoscopes/natal chart. 

The house of your North Node is another layer of understanding your soul. Combine the Rising Sign, the North Node sign and the North Node house to reveal your soul’s destiny.

House definitions: 

First House: Your physical appearance, it’s who you are, it’s what you show other people.  It’s your self expression.  What others see of you.  It’s personal. 

Second House:  Is about your finances.   What you value and your goals, earning money, simplistic and spirituality.  Beauty and what you value. 

Third House:  Communication, lower education, high school, neighbors, siblings, local travel, designing, verbal expression.   

Fourth House:  Your home is of vital importance..   Feelings, your mother, and food.   You need to be the Queen of your castle.  Nurturing, family and domestic affairs areas all important. And maybe the unconscious.   

Fifth House: Romance!  Creativity, children, money stocks and investments, entertainment and love affairs.   

Sixth House:  You are the analyzer, pets, details, service to others, if you are an employee your day to day workspace, eating styles and your body.  It’s a technician, detailed.  It’s perfectionism. 

Seventh House:  Relationships and martial.  Contracts and commitment. Legally binded and business partnerships.  Legal affairs and cooperation. 

Eight House:  Therapists, big change, legacies, taxes, rebirth, death, sex.  Inheritance and other people’s money.  Resources from other people.   

Ninth House:  Higher education, its your beliefs, it’s legal affairs, long distance travel and it’s foreigners. About philosophy & religion.  Higher perspective and bigger adventures. 

Tenth House:  Career, reputation, results and responsibility.   

Eleventh House:  Friendships, organizations, goals and aspirations, hopes and dreams, it’s humanitarian, it’s doing for others, being eccentric, social alliances, future technology.  Finding your tribe, and getting shit done. 

Twelfth House:  Hard to pin down.  Last sign of the zodiac.  Magic, past lives, secrets and privacy and endings and hidden things, healing others, being mystical and being psychic.  Believing in intuition.   


  1. Diane on June 4, 2020 at 9:59 pm

    Another great episode! Thank you. I learned my North Node (Cancer) is in the 7th house. I appreciate you breaking it down so normal folk can understand. PS) I’ve been in a car when Jeanna has done some pretty impressive maneuvers, so my money would be on her. 😉

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