Episode 83 – Failure is an Opportunity with Paul Padmore 

Helllllll yes, failure!  Transform failure into your best friend with our epic guest, Paul Padmore.  Paul has become an expert on failure.  What?!  You may be asking yourself who the hell would want to fail all of the time to become an expert……host of My Perfect Failure podcast that’s who!   

After a personal failure and struggling with processing it, he began his journey of truly understanding how to take failure and make it not only work for us but to excel us to higher levels of achievement.  He wanted to know how we come back from failure and started his podcast to analyze failure with his esteemed guests.  The consequence of failure is information and opportunity.  Most people focus on the gap – the negative part – stay out of the gap by visualizing and journaling.  Surround yourself with the right people that support your goals.  We say that is the LOA community!!! 

More about Paul Padmore:  

Paul Padmore is the founder and host of the popular and inspirational Podcast My Perfect Failure. 

After losing his Job at a tech start up, Paul, feeling like he had failed, felt compelled to understand how we can flip the script and turn failure into success. 

This intrigue led Paul to officially birth the podcast My Perfect Failure. Connecting with academics, executives, entrepreneurs, experts in their fields, and all-round amazing people, the podcast consistently demonstrates that failure is a vital component for future success. Without failure we risk progress and can even move backwards. 

The Podcast consistently demonstrates that we all possess this unique ability to recover from failures and adversity to flourish and find fulfillment and success. 

Today, Paul supports business leaders and entrepreneurs to learn how to process and understand failure so they can grow and become even more successful.  

LOA Uncorked Assignment: 

  • Analyze a time when you failed and what were the opportunities and information you learned.   
  • Celebrate the magic of failure! 
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