Episode 85 – Style, Beauty & Wellness with Carine Camera

What is a girl to do when you take your friend shopping and she doesn’t like anything?? Thankfully, we’ve got Carine Camera on the podcast for all the answers.  Carine established Carrinna which is a community for women over 40 who want to celebrate aging through style, beauty and wellness.   

She dishes out heaps of advice on style and women struggling with body image issues.  She says it’s important to focus on identifying and putting energy into the places on our bodies that we love.  We have to want to shift the thinking about our bodies, be in appreciation for our bodies and show extreme gratitude for our bodies.  Our first step is to find a style that makes us feel good. 

Carine also is an expert in energy readings and acupuncture.  Not only is facial acupuncture cosmetic but it helps release stored emotions.  The number 11s we try to get rid of with Botox is frustration and anger. She helps you discover if botox or facial acupuncture is for you. 

Although Carine is a mega healer, she still says the best healer is you.  When something is said that does not sit well, she asks us to go inside and investigate.  We can start putting a connection between how we feel physically and our emotions. 

Celebrate little moments. Being present and having gratitude for every moment. 

More about Carine Camera:  

I’m proud of my over 12 years of practicing Acupuncture and Chinese medicine on the West Coast.  My practice has evolved with me to include more than my initial foundation of needles and herbs.  In addition to graduating from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

My Own Healing Journey: 

My personal experience with the body’s own healing power is what motivated me toward my journey in Eastern medicine. 

After years of struggling with digestive issues, acne, menstrual pain, headaches, and chronic fatigue, I was surprised that by merely changing my diet, I was able to resolve all of my health concerns. 

My true ah-ha moment arrived one day when my gynecologist suggested I have surgery to remove a painful cyst on my right ovary. Reluctant to put my body under such trauma, I postponed the surgery for two months, to see if I could dissolve the cyst with proper nutrition and alternative medicine. 

After two months of consistent acupuncture sessions, Chinese herbal formulas, and a modified diet, my cyst completely disappeared and I no longer needed surgery. This period (2004)  also put an end to my extremely painful pelvic pain that came with my monthly menstrual cycle (the best side effect ever). The acupuncture, herbs, and lifestyle shifts, completely changed the course of my life. My period pain has never come back to that level of severity.  And so began my lifelong passion to help others experience the miraculous healing potential of their own bodies. 

Who is Carine Camara? 

I am a New York City gal, born and raised in Manhattan. 

Out here on the West Coast, I’ve discovered the country woman I am within. I love being physically active through weight training, yoga, dance, and my Peloton bike. With the supportive help of friends and community, I fell in my love with myself and am passionate about my gifts that I am offering to the world. 

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