Episode 86 – Let’s Find Our Golden Timeline with Amanda Monnier 

Holli has a brand new stalking angle – she pretends she runs out of tea, winds up at Amanda’s doorstep and won’t leave!  Fortunately, Jeanna is committed to her rescue.   But by the end of the podcast both Holli and Jeanna want to live and play their golden timeline on Amanda’s planet.   

This episode is packed, we mean JAM packed with information for you to ponder, consider and implement the elements that resonate.  From leaving a career in law enforcement to coming home as a healer, leader, teacher and guide, Amanda will show us how to bring in our special soul sauce and connect to our inner authority. 

The golden timeline is our soul’s highest expression – there’s no need for a search party as it already exists within us.  We must connect within and let our feelings guide us –  the expansive feelings take us on the timeline, the contracted ones are a detour.  We can cancel, clear, and delete these untrue stories across all dimensions and timelines and get back to the potential contained in the golden timeline. 

She will help us reduce our density and know the difference between a soul lesson versus being trapped in a pain body cycle that is meant to keep us stuck.  How to disconnect from the pattern or loop?  Our trusty new phrase cancel, clear, and delete these untrue stories across all dimensions and timelines will do perfectly.  We sure love this bossy, commanding, we are in-charge of our life advice! 

If all that wasn’t enough, Amanda gave us inspiration for a new LOA badassery principle  “I choose to see the truth no matter what!”  That’s some fierce badassness. 

More about Amanda:  

I’m Amanda—I am here to bring more love, healing, + light to the world. We can do this by simply embodying it within ourselves + reminding others they have the power to do the same. It is my strongest desire to empower people and guide them back to remember their true essence. 

Answers come from within you.  I believe that life is meant to be fun and we are here to be powerful creators! 

I love guiding people to feeling better, re-discover their inner power + activating their intuition. 

I believe that there is no one size fits all for this type of transformational work, but I have learned many life-changing practices along my journey (my certifications/credentials are listed at the bottom of this page, but I’ve learned that being a student of life can not be quantified by those things).  

LOA Uncorked Assignment: 

  • Embrace badassery #11 – Choose and ask to see the truth! 
  • Something doesn’t work out, ask for the lesson and be open to how the answer shows up. 
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