Episode 96 – Get Sh!t Done in The Cabin with Daniela Hofmann

Have you ever asked yourself, “What am I doing with my life?” Our delightful guest, Daniela Hofmann, asked that question to birth The Cabin into being.   The Cabin is a mindful online space for conscious changemakers to help them focus on doing the work that matters most.  

Daniela integrates the masculine and feminine principles of work.  She married the masculine energy of the action of “doing the work” with the feminine of “nurturing the process of the work.” Integration of the masculine and feminine is where the magic happens!  This is a story of a  small town girl escaping her reality only to find that her dream life was not fulfilling.  In her quest to find herself, she realized work was her addiction.  Doing too much or just doing for the sake of doing was customary and expected.  When she stopped this cycle, it allowed new things to emerge.  Her key to happiness is being honest with herself about her feelings and course correcting when it felt right. The invitation she asks is to know you are on a journey and to sit with the pain. She does not check out with social media or binge watching or sadly, not drinking bubbles….

Joining The Cabin Club will catapult you effortlessly to get shit done without even trying hard!  More done in less time – more time for champagne and fun we say.

More about Daniela:

Daniela spent the first decade of her career as a Finance Professional in the corporate world. Feeling restless and increasingly unfulfilled, she embarked on an entrepreneurial journey in 2017.

For Daniela, work has always been a form of creative expression with the potential to positively impact our communities and society at large. However, not long after leaving full-time employment, she started to notice how difficult it is to find time and space for work that really matters. 

the cabin, an online coworking space that combines mindfulness and focused work, was born out of this struggle. Today the cabin supports changemakers to focus on doing work that matters and creating a healthy relationship to work.

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