Episode 101 – Life Doesn’t Happen to You, You Happen to Life – Sandy Joy Weston

“No matter how bad things are and what you have to overcome, you can find pure joy in spite of it all,” says Sandy Joy Weston.  Holli & Jeanna want to bottle up her passion, enthusiasm and joy into an elixir and give it to everyone for free.  What a beautiful world that would be.  Sandy Joy lit us up and she will to you too!

As a fiercely independent child, growing up virtually on her own; she unknowingly found her superpower. In her quest to feel good, she began a daily practice with intentional words, movement and laughter.  She dreamed big and grew up to be a huge success.  

Now she inspires all ages of people through her books, speeches, and practices. Whatever she does she does it with the utmost joy and love.  She shows up for people without an ulterior motif.  She says her success is because she tapped into her heart space, love and joy and she uses the same practice whether it’s for one view or one million views.  

Sandy Joy studied people who were joyful and all of them started their day with something powerful.  Life didn’t happen to them, they happened to life.

Everyone has the power within themselves to change their lives.  Sandy Joy says 1-3 minutes of positive power thought everyday can change your day and change your life.  Do this for 30 days to create a habit.

Sandy Joy walks the talk in a billboard sort of way – she left Jeanna and Holli an extra razzle dazzle and smiles abound.  It’s all within us – don’t go looking outside yourself.

More about Sandy Joy Westin:

Sandy Joy Weston M.Ed. received her Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Temple University, and achieved her Bachelor of Science in Dance from West Chester University. She began her journey as a health club owner when she opened an in-home private training company called Specialty Fit. She then proceeded to open the first Weston Fitness in Bala Cynwyd, PA with the help of her mentors. After much success, she continued to open two more health clubs including one in the heart of Center City Philadelphia, PA.

Sandy’s vivacious personality and positive attitude made her impossible to ignore, so when Philadelphia’s NBC 10 caught wind of her, they approached her to become their fitness expert. During her time with NBC 10 she hosted fitness segments with the Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, and the 76ers. Her great TV personality took her to the Discovery Channel where she was the featured trainer on the Reality TV show “Health Cops”.  Sandy also created the nationally recognized Philly Street Line Dance to help combat Philly’s “fattest city” label in 2001, which she taught all over the city.

An ever rising star in Philadelphia’s fitness scene, Sandy became the first female trainer for the Philadelphia Flyers and personally worked with Eric Lindros, Ed Snider, and Pat Croce. Sandy also worked with the Philadelphia 76ers dance team when she choreographed and performed a half time routine.

Sandy continues to be an icon for Philadelphia fitness and well being motivation. The past five years, Sandy has been focusing on SJW Productions, an international company whose main mission is to highlight all the positive in the world and help people come together to reach their individual and common goals.

She does this through her podcasts, “Let’s Keep It Real” & “Positive Bitch Lady”, her books, Train Your Head & Your Body Will Follow and My 30-Day Reset Journal, and her workshops.  She is also traveling the world as a Keynote Speaker specializing in wellness, fitness, and women empowerment. Sandy’s outlook on life inspires every single person to live with a little more joy. 

Uncorked Assignments:

  • Create a ritual to do every morning to start your day.
  • Add movement to your mornings
  • Routine is everything – do it 1-3 minutes per day for 30 days – create a habit
  • Let’s go change people’s lives – give  smile, tell someone they matter, be kind, be gracious
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