Episode 97 – Get Juiced! with Rev Dr Julie Moret

Are you good at a lot but not exceptional at anything?   Did you come into the world knowing your what (purpose) but that four letter F-word, FEAR, stopped you in your tracks? Sound familiar? 

Fierce and badass with a megawatt smile, Rev. Dr. Julie tells us how to find our thing! She gives us tools, practices and strategies to find our WHAT!  Life should be juicy and compelling.  So just how do we juice things up?  We slowly withdraw energy from what we don’t want and open up to the vastness of possibilities and spaciousness of what we can be. 

Getting quiet, listening and responding will help us build up the faith that life is responding.  When we step into the direction of what we are born to do, we become an attractor.  The frequency brings the people, places, things that are a match. This episode is packed with actionable steps.  Our very own Jeanna honors her own WHAT to entertain and to be obedient and turn over the how to the universe.

More about Julie:

The author of What’s Your What? How to Ignite Your Unique Brand. She is an accomplished speaker and personal coach, and holds degrees in a wide range of healing modalities including psychology and Neuro‐Linguistic Programming.

Julie’s work has been featured on the Lifetime Television Channel and she enjoys working with clients from diverse backgrounds, including Fortune 500 Executives, Academy Award Winners, and several New York Times Best Selling Authors.

Julie is an Agape International Spiritual Center speaker and member of the Executive Leadership Board. She was knighted by the Order of the Orthodox Knights of St. John Russian Grand Priory alongside Jack Canfield, Don Miguel Ruiz, and Michael Bernard Beckwith. Her recently published TEDx talk is currently available for online viewing.

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