Episode 99 – The Truth in Medicine with Dr. Donese Worden

Without health and wellness, nothing else is fully realized in life. We have hosted some incredible guests who have highlighted the integrative wellness mindset in our past 99 episodes (WHAT, almost 100?!) and we are excited for you to listen to this incredibly powerful and timely episode with Dr. Donese Worden – she brings so much of our episodes and conversations together!  

Our interview begins with an important, significant reminder to us all…we cannot be at 100% optimal health until we find the deep connection with ourselves and have a sense of spiritual connectedness.  No matter how well you eat, sleep, or how much exercise – you cannot be made whole if you are not connected to self and spirit. Do you feel connected?

As you listen to the episode, we hope you feel as moved as Holli and Jeanna did with the beauty of a medical practitioner who helps bridge the western and eastern modalities of medicine and is committed to the important vision (that we are confident is coming into focus for everyone) of integrative, functional medicine.   And, Dr. Warden shares what she uses to focus on and find that connection on a daily basis, we think you will be inspired that (spoiler alert) they are:

For those of you interested in continuing to understand the assignment, there is a really powerful Dr. Worden Pop Quiz begins at 18:00 – The 7 Signs Your Body Isn’t Right.  It is a real gift…and just know that Dr. Worden has reminded us all that our bodies are wise but we can’t ignore the signs!  Remember your healthspan IS your lifespan! (PSA – try and ignore the skinny dipping at 88 discussion, we dare you.)  Dr. Worden also reminds us all: More isn’t always better (Holli 🙂 AND that our bodies are the best pharmacy there is.  Period.  

Dr. Worden is also working on a new, groundbreaking cancer research center in Arizona.  The center will focus on metabolic science and therapies as it offers research, hospital, and treatment to patients.  With help from her friends, the bees!  

More about Dr. Donese Worden, NMD:

Dr. Donese Worden is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, an expert diagnostician, a global health educator whose training in both conventional and alternative medicine affords her the privilege of providing each of her patients with a specific treatment plan that addresses not just the symptoms but the whole person to get to the root of the problem.

An Arizona-based clinician with offices in Scottsdale and Gilbert, Dr. Worden is consistently lauded for her exceptional intelligence, experience, compassion, cutting-edge research and superior quality of care including diagnostician and integration of conventional medicine and the mind-body-spirit union. In addition, Dr Worden is a global health educator and keynote speaker, researcher, corporate wellness expert, and product formulator.  Read more here! 

Uncorked Assignments:

  • Take Dr Worden’s 7 Signs Pop Quiz…as often as you need to to ensure you are paying attention to the information your body is sending to you and actively engaged to improve areas that need your focused attention.
  • Why is connection important?  Dr Worden’s definition says it all.  ‘There is a beautiful peace in knowing it is all going to be ok.’  When we are connected the fear can be tamed and we know we have anything that comes our way.
  • Listen/watch for upcoming episodes with Dr Worden – we can’t wait to welcome her back.  Especially for what is certain to be an eye opening, ear plugging, lively conversation about gender intelligence!
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