Episode 8: Get Your Dr. Bravestone on! #JumanjiStyle

Episode 8: Get your Dr. Bravestone on! #JumanjiStyle

Join Holli and Jeanna as they explore the movie Jumanji and how that applies to your life:
 Are we living in a video game with three lives?
 What are your strengths and weaknesses?
 The hero’s journey – Walking through life may or may not know the challenges, the protagonist may not be aware but the viewer knows something is not right. There is a call to action in the story. New mentors show up, antagonists show up to challenge where you are at, you emerge with new skills, new experiences and perhaps new friends to share the victory
 The dark night of the soul discussed – transcends to another version of you
 Design your avatar
 Intellectual smolder in a corner with no words and a 22-inch waste……stealthy

The Uncorked Uplevel Assignment – Design your avatar. What would you look like and strengths and challenges. Leverage your strengths and leverage your tribe and mentors.

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