Episode 39 – Golriz the Vegan Maven

This episode was so special for the LOA gals that we made it our VERY FIRST SPECIAL RELEASE EPISODE!  We simply didn’t want to wait any longer for you all to hear the passion, wisdom and kind soul of our guest – Golriz.  

Gol is an advocate for cruelty-free living and all things vegan.  From food, to fashion, to beauty, to household / daily living – she has been on a journey to change the way she lives and educate others around her to live more mindfully, graciously and healthy.  What inspired her quest?  You’ll be surprised but it will inspire us all to be aware, mindful and intentional about how we live on this planet.  This maven walks lightly on Mother Earth!

While some of the content can be challenging to hear, Gol shares the information in a heartfelt way that caused the LOA gals to make changes immediately.  This episode is an important addition to the conversation and thoughts Emily Britt shared during the Silvr Linings episode.

Yet another note to concerned listeners: To avoid another influx of emails – yes, we are aware of the pattern of behavior with Holli.  While there has not been a restraining order issued post Episode 39. Holli feels her ‘idolization’ is different than being ‘in love’.  I am not certain Gol feels the same way but she is safe. 

LOA Uncorked Uplevel Assignment:

  • Review the reference list below and spend time educating yourself!  
  • Let’s all be mindful and walk more gently on the earth.

Podcast Reference:

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