Episode 40 – Beautiful Soul Channeler Stephanie Banks

Audience, brace yourselves for a truly magnificent episode!  The LOA gals are honored to have shared time and this profound conversation with divine goddess guest, Stephanie Banks…and we are thrilled to share it with you all.   

Stephanie is an intuitive channeler and coach who uses her channeling gifts to reconnect people to their soul’s wisdom and innate intuition to create a life of their wildest imagination.  Now, how LOA Uncorked badassery is that!?  Stephanie graciously shares her journey from speech pathologist to intuitive channeler in a way that will, in many ways, resonate with so many of us.  It is full of heart, connection, difficult times, heartbreak and rebirth – a hero’s journey and what an incredibly inspiring hero Stephanie is! 

Stephanie also shares information about her current Amazon bestselling book, Joining Joanie.  Joining Joanie is a book Stephanie felt needed to be written and it shares the story of her mother’s battle with dementia and a daughter’s pursuit to stay connected with her mother without her mom being able to share what her soul needed.  Her second book is one that Stephanie’s soul felt compelled to write and it is in the final completion stages. This book is centered around Stephanie’s journey as a channel and it is a book that honors her soul’s work.  The book is yet to be titled but we will for sure bring Stephanie back to talk about her book when it is released!   

In this episode there are so many insights, perspectives and practical ways in which we can all live a life more connected to ourselves, our own internal guidance system (our intuition – the 6th sense) and how to accept and welcome fear along for the ride.  If we could all just get over ourselves and find loving connections with the souls of others the world would love more and hate less.  

We encourage you all to find a comfortable spot to listen in, grab a notebook and your favorite pen (that is right…you’ll definitely want to jot down some of the incredible wisdom), light a candle or open a window, pour some bubbly and join us for this inspiring, transformative conversation with Stephanie Banks.   

Yet another note to concerned listeners: Yep, another restraining order discussion.  We see the pattern and are working with Holli to find appropriate ways to express love and affection without scaring the people.  And, no, the LOA gals did not edit any banter or our typical horseshit out of this episode.  This is our first legit ‘horseshit free’ episode…only took 41 episodes but we did it.  Might be another 41 before it happens again…     

LOA Uncorked Uplevel Assignment: 

  • Stephanie’s uncorked assignment for us all: tap into what breaks your heart and find avenues and ways to be of service to whatever that is in the world.  Find a way to support something that heals your heart along the way. 

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